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In order of most used to least used:

Punctuation for Court Reporters – the page for punctuation/grammar questions

The Brief Exchange – need a steno brief?

Guardians of the Record – THE group for asking procedure/tax advice or for recommendations for a good bag/recorder, etc.

Total Eclipse Facebook Group – Eclipse support from users

Record Breakers – an accountability group of sorts, practice musings

One Words, Two Words, Apostrophe, Hyphen, OH MY! – hyphen or no?

Encouraging Court Reportering Students – for encouraging/informing students mainly

Jade King’s Stenoquery – the group to turn to for realtime or international CR advice for advanced freelancers and for students looking into broadcast/CART

Court reporting: stenolife – the group for musings and encouragement

There are many court reporter groups, and it’s hard to keep track of them. The ones I’ve listed, though, are by far the most helpful. There is, of course, a support group for DigitalCAT users and Case users and all other softwares. Users dive in and help each other out. Eclipse’s users are very kind and knowledgeable. They usually get to my questions before support calls.

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