Am I Ready for Realtime?

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Entry-level realtime means you are getting less than .5% untranslates. Your goal is to be under .1% regularly, and almost every realtimer hits that mark.

However, where in your writing should you be?
You don’t need to have fancy macros, which include stitch or open dictionary while writing.
You don’t need to be an expert at finger spelling.
You do not need to be excellent at quotes or cap last yet.

Other than that, you should have most everything down, including at least one alphabet fingerspell, speaker IDs, all common words/terms (including the common Latin and medical ones). You need to have delete space, colon, force space, and other rarer strokes down to at least a competant level, if not expert level.

If you wait until you’re an expert at realtime, you’ll lose a lot of money and time. Forcing yourself out brings out the best quickly. That’s what pressure does. So most realtimers, starting out, do not have everything down. They have errors. Their untran rate may only be at .3 or .2. As time goes by, they get better at retaining company names and words in the introduction; they become experts at fingerspelling and their glue stroke. Within three years, with diligent effort, they become EXCELLENT at realtime. What I mean, they get cap last, quotes, perfect fingerspells, hyphenated adjectives, and drop very little. That is considered the best of the best, and it takes time.

This is to give you an idea of where you should be. Once you are at the entry realtime level, you need to look into getting your programs and your tablets. You should start out with two tablets. You will need LiveDepo and your software’s realtime offering. Most firms/mentors will help you get set up. If not them, your software or LiveDepo would be glad to help.

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    • Michelle, I am still working on the briefs post for my blog. Mainly, formatting the posts. In the meantime, though, I have many lists of briefs in my Facebook notes.

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