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These are the top ways I save the most on Amazon.

The first is to have an Amazon card. This will give you 3% cashback on every order. Also, make sure you have the Chase or Discover credit card, as you get 5% cashback during the last three months of the year. More on cashback credit cards in another post though.

The second is to subscribe and save. If you buy things regularly, ALWAYS subscribe and save. You can cancel it as soon as your product arrives or you can keep it, but you’ll still get the 5% off or whatever it is. Also, you can move your Subscribe and Save date up, if you want your product now (but make sure nothing else is in your subscribe and save category, or it will all get shipped earlier as well).

The third is to buy things used. On Amazon, generally any DVD or product that they offer a used version, I will buy it. Even if there is a problem with it, I can get a few dollars knocked off by talking with a rep on chat or I can get a return label for no cost if it is a BIG problem. Look for the Used link whenever you shop on Amazon.

Finally, clip coupons wherever the coupon button appears. This button is big and hard to miss, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

If you have Prime, which is $70 a year, you get two-day shipping. Anytime you are running low on a product, order it early and in separate packages so that you can select the deliver in a week option, which will give you a free dollar to your account to use on books, music, and movies. A free dollar just for ordering something 5 days early or for separating my order? That’s the easiest money.

The best things to buy on Amazon or things that you KNOW are good. You don’t want to have to pay return shipping, so make sure the product either has excellent (legitimate reviews) or the return shipping is free if you are buying something new here.

Here are things I like to buy on Amazon:
electronics, shelving, organizing products, candles, Aleve, ear buds, eco dishwasher pods

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