Appreciation and the 6-Cup Muffin Tin

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With many things, we appreciate little. With few things, we appreciate more. When I had many books, I read little. When I whittled it down to only what I would like to read at the moment (five books), I read a lot more. That is just the nature of being human. The more we have, the more we forget. Appreciating things doesn’t just help our things last longer (by caring for them), but it also makes us happier. Gratitude makes things more beautiful. Sometimes life goes by too fast. We live for survival, as we have for thousands of years – food on the table, roof over our head – but we forget the miracle of life. Imagine seeing a flower for the first time. Try to see a flower that way all the time. Every detail, every color, the way the light falls on it, the bright center.


So in the spirit of appreciating everything we have and see, I wanted to make a short post about one of my favorite kitchen items! The 6-Cup Muffin Tin!

This is a gem especially for those who are just married or a single parent. When cooking from scratch (which is really easy when it comes to muffins), you do not need to make 12 muffins. In fact, it is better for your waistline when we do not. Eat three, freeze three. Or maybe eat all six on the spot and save the freezer space.

The beauty that is this muffin tin is its size. Takes barely any space in the dishwasher. I use it all the time for freezing because it fits so nicely even in a jam-packed, small freezer.

Let’s say you like tomato basil soup as much as I do. Put a few fresh basil leaves in tomato juice and freeze them. When solid, pop them out of the muffin tin and store them in a Ziploc bag. Take three out every time you want to make some soup.

Or how about cheese? I never can eat the amount of grated cheese I have on hand before it spoils. Instead of freezing together in one block, you can freeze it in six portions. Then you can store them together in one Ziploc. Take one portion out to defrost at a time. There are even deep 6-cup muffin tins if you need them. You can freeze coconut milk, regular milk, and even oatmeal! You can also pre-freeze perfectly sized smoothie portions of berries. Then put them in a bag, pop one out when making a smoothie (no measuring necessary!).

You can do so much with a muffin tin. Chocolate molten cakes. Pot pies. Even though I barely bake at home, this is one item I will always appreciate. I just wanted to encourage you to take time out to show some love to a hard-working kitchen tool that helps you feed your family every day (or every other day haha). It doesn’t even have to be something expensive like a Vitamix or chef knife. One muffin tin – $8. Affordable things are equally valuable. What are you thankful for?

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