Identifying Behavior

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Probably the best thing we can ever do in this life, is to identify our own pattern of behavior.  We can do this by examining our daily routines, noting time wasters/mood drains, and taking the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs test.  Knowing more about yourself is crucial, because figuring out how to help yourself is the best way that you can figure out how to help others.  If we join to others in unhealthy states, we will inadvertently cause problems.

1.  Daily routine.

Mathematically, the best way to improve life is to examine our daily routine, because everything happens day-to-day.  We like big changes, sudden results.  Humans are impatient.  But life is about the small things, in every way.  Life happens slowly enough that we get to feel all of our consequences, all of our choices, so it is best to carefully consider what we are actually doing day-to-day.  Mindfulness is a beautiful thing.  Intentionality is crucial to engineering.  Is every step something we want to be doing?  Are we going after a certain career or idea for reasons deep in our heart, or because someone made it sound like a great idea, whether a book or people?  Live YOUR dream.  Live YOUR experiments.  Find out what you’ve always wanted to find.  Don’t live in the footsteps of another.  In this way, you will never have regret or feel resentment.

2. House layout.  

The next thing to do is examine the layout of your house.  Is everything in the place that makes the most sense?  Are all of the things to prepare lunch (including place mats) near each other?  Is there a way you can get all your kitchenware into one or two drawers, so you’re wasting less time putting things back and taking things out?  Consider every step you make physically, thoroughly.  You only have to do this once per house, if done properly.

3.  Time drains.

The next thing to do in the center of your notebook is to consider time wasters.  For me, these are ways I get easily sucked in: browsing YouTube videos (especially music videos), taking part on psychology boards, planning too much.  If you can catch yourself as you’re falling into these, you can pull yourself immediately out.  Of course, you don’t have to, if you have a free day.  But if you need to be productive, it is crucial to identify the traps we fall into.  They’re different for each person.  Especially look at the traps in mood.  What brings you down?  How can you avoid it?  What steps are you going to take to pull yourself out, as you’re sinking lower?  What things in life do you love most, that make your day?

4.  Enneagram test.

The last thing to do is take the Enneagram test and examine the cons to your own personality.  Every personality has its cons.  Nothing in this life is all upsides.  Therefore, it is up to us to highlight our strengths, while eliminating or accepting our weaknesses.   We first need to know what those strengths and weaknesses are. You get to decide which weaknesses are important to your identity, your comfort, and which you’d rather not take forward.

In this century, it is the time to live life on our terms.  We cannot control all things, but we must live as if we can.  Let life sort out what we could not grab a hold of at the last.  For now, start small, build at the easiest starting point, and create the reality that fits your personality.  Live everything that you are inside, and everyone in your life benefits from the effortlessness and joy that follows.




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  1. I really enjoy your YouTube videos and I just started following you on other social media. You are one of the few bright spots in my day. Thank you so much for all you share with us!

    Anolagay (yep, my real name)

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