Best Organizing Products – $30 or Less: Living Room

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Urbio Wide Mouth Magnetic Container – Constainer Store – $25 – Insert Organizer – $5


This is a unique organizing system. You mount the plate to the wall, and you stick pods on to fit your individual needs. I only bought one pod – the wide mouth, and I bought the insert which is necessary. I keep this by my door. What I store in this is letters to be mailed, coupons to use, and receipts for returns. If I buy something that I think might be a return, I put the receipt here easy to find. It is a very cool product.

Madesmart Drawer Organizers – Container Store – 9×8 and 2×8 – under $10


These are my favorite smaller drawer organizers. They are beautiful – clear with a white rubber bottom. I keep two of these in a drawer in my media center. In it, I dump receipts. One of them holds receipts that I need to keep for yearly taxes. The other one has receipts of things I may return. If it’s groceries, for instance, I’d just throw out the receipt. If it’s a Container Store or Target purchase, I don’t need the receipt for a return. If it’s Bed Bath Beyond or Pottery Barn, I’ll keep the receipt.

I also keep two 2×8 organizers in the guest bathroom. One I fill up with toothpaste and floss. The other one is for them to put their toothbrushes in.

Galvanized Mail Holder – Target – $15


Perfect for those that don’t want to get to their mail right away. Just dump it in this and you can get to your bills or letters at any time.

Mighty Magnets – Container Store – $12


Great for storing coupons to your magnetic organizer in walkway or great to store index cards on the fridge. These also make great gifts. They’re the strongest magnets around. They’re also sold on Amazon.

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