Best Organizing Products – $30 or less: Bathroom

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White Elfa Mesh Easy Glider – Container Store – $30


Even though some of these are over $30, around December-February, they always have 30% off every Elfa product. This is the time to buy. These are ideal in the pantry (if it’s small) – perfect for snacks/cereals, great for storing pots and pans under the counter, and also ideal under bathroom cabinets.

Here’s what you might put in two under your bathroom cabinet – one for pads/bikini razors/wipes and one for curling iron, straightener, and hair dryer. For things you don’t use regularly like makeup products, I’d keep them in a small clear shoe box, not in one of these.

Now, if you have a LOT of products in your bathroom, you will need a stackable easy-to-reach-in organization system. Container store also has this at a bargain. They are called Stacking Bins. Because I don’t own that many things, I don’t need to utilize the vertical space in my bathroom cabinets.

Make sure to measure your cabinets to make sure two will fit. Also, make sure you get the right depth. They have shallow and deep.

StickOnPods – Container Store – $9


This is the best deal of any product I own! Word of caution though, do NOT use the sticky substance that comes with this. Use the command strips to mount. I never use anything but Command strips to mount things to the wall (outside of nails) because Command strips are easy to remove when you move. No picking at it with a knife, and possibly peeling paint. I use this inside my medicine cabinet to hold high-use makeup and dental products. Amazing!

InterDesign Axis Over the Cabinet Bag Holder, Chrome – Amazon – $14


PERFECT for guest bathroom! There are so many guests that will ask, can I borrow a plastic bag to put my dirty clothes in? Now they don’t need to ask! Also perfect for small kitchens or areas where the cat litter is, so that you don’t constantly need to get a bag from another room.

OXO Tot Big Kids PerfectPull(TM) Flushable Wipes Dispenser – Amazon – $20


I love this because Oxo products are so well-designed. This is designed to operate with just one hand. You hit the top, and it pops up. You grab the wipes with one hand, and the weight it comes with keeps the other wipes from coming up with the first wipe. I use my Burt Bees wipes in this model, and it fits perfectly. However, if you own bigger wipes, you will need the other colorful version of this one, also sold on Amazon (comes in lime green, magenta, or a beautiful blue). Because I wanted it to be sophisticated and minimal, I chose the small gray white version.

I use wipes for everything: to clean my phone, to wipe the mirror, to wipe a doorknob, to wipe the sink, and for the obvious, downstairs. Literally everything!

Polytherm Over the Cabinet Wide Basket – Container Store – $25


One of my favorite organizing products! I use this in the kitchen, right below the sink, and it holds a can of wipes, dishwasher pods, and liquid soap. If you get the double version of this, you can store a brush and steel wool on the bottom shelf.

I also use it in the bathroom. It holds my toothbrushes, because my master bath didn’t come with drawers. I bought a lower version of this from Target for only $12. The one holds my brush and mouthwashes. So I have two of these in the master bath, just different dimensions.

InterDesign Forma Over the Cabinet 9″ Towel Bar, Stainless Steel – Amazon – $9


Not much need be said. I keep one of these in the guest bathroom so I can wipe down the counter if I use that sink. Water gets everywhere. If the counter is dirty, I use wipes. But if it’s just water, I wipe it down with a wash cloth. I never store the towel on the outside of the cabinet though, and I don’t use this in the kitchen.

Gatco Bleu Single Bathrobe Hook – Bed Bath Beyond – $15


Use your $5 off $15 coupon. This is a great item to hang your washcloth on. I use a washcloth to wipe my face once I’m out of the shower because I don’t like rubbing my face in my conditioner (which is on my towel). So I mounted this right next to my towel bar, so I can reach it from the shower. This also would be great for a washcloth near the sink, if you like to wipe down the sink when it gets wet.

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