Best Organizing Products – $30 or Less: Closet

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Spectrum Over the Door Metal Hook 2 Pack – Amazon – $7


Best in the coat closet, when you don’t want to drill more holes than necessary in your apartment. You can hook two of these on the inside of a door and hang two coats.

10-Pocket Wide Shoe Organizer – $29 – Home Decorations Collection


You can find a knock-off on Amazon or in Target. This holds all the shoes I own, except for my boots! Excellent use of vertical space!

Check out Container’s Store Drop-Front Shoe Boxes if you have too many shoes for this kind of organizing system! The Drop-Front Shoe Boxes stack and are easy to access. They also are a beautiful clear!

Container Store Sweater Box – $5


To store things you don’t use regularly. One of these holds all my scrapbooking/craft materials. Another one holds all my painting materials, i.e., my mini easel, papers, brushes, and paints. Because these stack, they are ideal! Keep in mind, I don’t use the deep ones because I want to be able to easily access items.

Container Store Tall Shoe Box – $3


I own two of these. I put in these the clothing items I don’t regularly use, but I can still see them easily if I want to pull them out. Because these are deep and stack, these take up almost no space in my master closet. Items I store in these that I don’t use regularly: short dresses, workout clothes, wire bra, swimwear.

Honey-Can-Do Heavy-Duty Triple Laundry Sorter – $34


When I bought this, it was under $30. It is one of my best purchases for sure. Perfect for a couple’s master closet.

Real Simple Honeycomb Drawer Organizer – $9


Perfect for underwear! If you have the Elfa system for your master closet, use the Elfa version of this from Container Store for your underwear! This is the best way to organize panties because you don’t even have to fold them. Just ball them up. The ideal drawers for panties and socks are not deep in depth.

Dream Drawer Organizers – Amazon – $15


A must if you own a dresser and keep clothes in it! If you have a closet system like Elfa, you won’t need these. But if you have any dresser with clothes in it, this is a must. You can separate your pants from your shorts beautifully. Your socks from your underwear. So on! Depending on the width of your drawers, you can use two per drawer.

So I would organize a guy’s dresser with three sets of dream drawer organizers, and it would look like this. This is a one-time investment that you will never regret!

Top drawer – shirts
Second drawer – underwear / socks
Third drawer – pants / shorts
Bottom drawer – swimwear / extra towels
If he only has three drawers, store the swimwear and extra towels elsewhere, like in stackable clear containers!

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