Best Organizing Products – $30 or Less: Kitchen

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Soda Can Organizer – Container Store or Bed Bath Beyond – $10


I use these for canned goods. I don’t drink soda. This is so I can store many canned goods with each other and not have them spread all over the place in the pantry. I also can group like with like. So one soda can organizer would be diced tomatoes, one would be soups, one would be beans/green beans, one would be olives, so on.

Linus 2-Section Packet Holder – Container Store – $9


Whitmor Surpreme Cart Chrome – $35 – Amazon


Even though this is over $30, it belongs on this list because I have seen them for less than $30 in Home Depot/Lowe’s and also Target. I own four of these carts! Mainly I use them in the dining room. If you have a big house, you will not need these to extend your pantry. However, if you have a tiny apartment pantry, you will definitely need this for functionality’s sake.

On my first cart: Oxo pops
On my second cart: crock pots on top / mixing bowls and measuring cups on second shelf / microwave on bottom
On third cart : Cans with soda can organizers and beef stew/taco packets (very beautiful and organized)
On fourth cart (in office): printer, paper shredder / cozy socks in clear shoe box / paper
Chrome Dinner Plate Shelf – Container Store – $10


They have these in white. They also have taller and longer versions of these – anything to fit your needs! You can use these for cans as well in the pantry, but I like the soda can organizer a lot better for that use. These I use to separate dessert plates from dinner plates and to separate mugs from tumblers.

Multi-Purpose Bins – Container Store – $5


These are perfect for making use of your vertical space in your freezer. My previous freezer was too small for this, so I ended up picking up shorter bins from Container Store. But regular freezers with no shelf should fit these just fine.

One you can use for bags of frozen veg. One for bags of frozen meat and fish. One for leftover broth or soups. And then the door you can use for your smoothie frozen fruits. For $15, complete freezer organization! I do recommend labeling these.

Tea Bag Storage Container – $13


This is for those who really like tea. If you don’t drink tea that much, get a smaller container (listed below) for your few teas. Because I drink tea a lot, I love this product. I also keep my loose teas in a bag in the container (listed below) nearby with the honey and Oxo tea baller. Keep like with like!

Singe Chrome Corner Shelf – Container Store $15


These are amazing for the small pots with handles. They are better than the Chrome Dinner Plate Shelf because you can easily grab the pot out, and the handle will not get caught on a leg. These are very sturdy.

Copco Non-Skid Turn Table – Amazon – $9


Essential for bottles (vinegars, marinades, oils) and also a bigger one is essential if you have a hard-to-reach corner in your kitchen. It would be perfect to store cleaning products on in such an instance.

If you do not like a turntable for your vinegar bottles and alcohol bottles, Container Store’s Expand-A-Shelf is what you’ll need. When you put cans or bottles on it, it provides different heights so that you can see each one. This is essential in a pantry – easy to see and easy to grab.

Interlocking Drawer Organizer 6×9 or 6×15 – Container Store – under $5


Target used to have these. Even though I like clear in all areas of my house, white is perfect for organizing utensils because it makes everything easy to see. I own four of the long (6×15) ones, and one short one (3×9). The long ones I use for all the things that do not make it into my ceramic holder on the counter. All the items I use in the kitchen enough to warrant a spot in my drawers: rice spatula, spatulas, whisks, funnels, etc. The short one I use to hold my can opener at the front of my high-use drawer. I also use these in my mail center desk. I use them to hold all my mailing items: envelopes, stamps, pen, address labels. Then I use another big one (6×15) to hold all my label items: command strips, hooks, filing cabinet labels, etc. Keep like with like!

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