Simplicity Hack: Your Fridge (Condiment Challenge)

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There are many posts on other blogs about fridge organization, but I feel like not enough focus is spent on the fridge door. There is almost not a house without a jam-packed fridge door.

It’s hard to be healthy or clean (impossible to clean fridge door) with many condiments. We do not need them. We put salad dressings on our vegetables because we no longer are accustomed to natural tastes.

Be ruthless with your fridge door. Instead of buying many condiments, buy only the top quality of everything. So if you have ketchup, buy the natural version without high fructose corn syrup. If you have jam, buy one from the farmer’s market. If you have syrup, make sure it’s maple. When it comes to salad dressing, you can always mix oil and vinegar together, which everyone has in their pantries already.

We Americans have bought into the idea that variety is the spice of life. But the variety comes at a high cost: actual cost, peace of mind, cleanliness, freshness of ingredients. Simplicity is more important than variety. Variety may be important in vegetables, but not in condiments.

When you go into pantries, you will find so much variety, but very little health and a lot of dust on everything (many expired things, especially if they’re all natural) because of the sheer volume. Like makeup, pantry goods and condiments do not last forever. If you buy something you only eat in a blue moon (maraschino cherries), it will never be rotated out adequately. This is why I like simplicity because all things stay fresh and I can afford the highest quality of what I keep.

Tired of the lack of space and clutter? Here are the condiments I was left with when the dust settled. It’s been like this for 6 months, and I will never go back. Once you get things the way they were meant to be, you will always want to stay.


teriyaki sauce
maple syrup
diced garlic

Mayo only lasts 2-3 months.

Here’s another tip to add simplicity to your fridge:
Go to the Container Store and ask for the Elfa shelf liners they keep in the back room. Buy the right size for your fridge. It will cost less than $5. Cut it down to size and put the liner on the bottom shelf. When something drips or your fridge needs a cleaning, take the liner out and wipe it down. So easy!

UPDATE 11/19/2015: I now am down to just mayonnaise, mustard, Worcestershire, salsa, and teriyaki sauce, peanut butter. (I use honey instead of maple syrup when I do eat waffles.)
I may eventually phase out mustard and Worcestershire since I rarely use them; I am giving them more time.

One thought on “Simplicity Hack: Your Fridge (Condiment Challenge)

  1. Great tips! Not something I’d much considered before seeing your video on the subject. Fewer and better. If it works for clothes, why not condiments. 🙂

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