One Big-Impact Resolution

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The Oxo Advance Water Bottle, one of my favorites.

Change is good.  As C.S. Lewis noted, there is pleasure you can find in change and permanence.  Both are a part of life, even if we favor one more than the other.  There is pleasure in waking and sleeping, in walking and sitting, if we look for it.  It is better to see these things as good, as the majority of what is dealt to us, we have to bear with or without our favor, and how can we be compassionate and kind if we view things as constant burdens?  This is the thing that elevates the ordinary – appreciation and favor.

Here is one tip to consider for the new year.  I know the holidays are a hectic time for most.  It is perhaps the most difficult to simplify because other people’s happiness and traditions, we respect, but it is inevitable that if you continue on your minimalist path, you will find creative ways to simplify all areas. Save the most difficult for last – and what is most difficult has to do with our emotions – sentimentality and tradition and what we believe.  They will get sorted in due time as we continue in the right direction.

When things quiet down, it is the perfect time for a challenge!

I recently have stopped drinking tea.  If you suffer from migraines, this is always a good idea.  Even decaffeinated teas can be a migraine trigger.  Soda and coffee are not things I ever had a taste for, which was a blessing – but cocoa I enjoyed on occasion.

I have simplified my drink to just water.  No lemon.  No flavoring.  Room temperature or cold – I have put aside preference.  I finally realized all the benefits of drinking just water.  Here, I lay them out for you to consider.  In 2016, you can make your life easier by making your resolution affordable and simple.


  • cheap
  • saves on packaging – soda cans and plastic containers
  • available everywhere
  • contains no calories, helps with weight loss
  • aids against migraines, unlike any other drink
  • requires no mugs or fancy stem glasses
  • helps cut down on caffeine and sugar and dehydration
  • frees your kitchen from a coffee machine, tea baller, tea organizer, coffee pods, and an electric kettle
  • keeps your clothes from coffee or wine stains
  • frees your teeth from stains or corrosion from sugar, coffee, or lemon
  • no more special cleaning of mugs for coffee or tea stains
  • saves money from buying drinks out at restaurants $2 each time or coffee every morning
  • more fridge space

If ever I will make tea, I will heat the water on the stove.  I still have two teas left, but because I don’t drink tea anymore, I don’t need to have great variety to store.

Drinking water embodies simplicity and helps our health and wallet.  It is truly a minimalist philosophy and worth considering for 2016.

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  1. I recently gave up coffee and tea and drink water too. I seem to have more energy during the day now, especially if I’m out all day. It’s also really good for detoxifying the body, if you drink plenty of it.

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