Cleanliness Cheat Sheet

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Here’s my cheat sheet on when to change out things or wipe things down in my house:

mascara – 3 months
toothbrush – 3 months (if you get sick, throw it out)
shower pouf – 2 months
mayo – 3 months

phone/handles – once or twice a week
towels/washcloths – once or twice a week (every four showers)
hand towels – once a week
sheets/pillowcases – every week or two weeks
comforter cover – once a month

hair – wash only every other day (Too much oil? Don’t use harsh chemicals.)
makeup brushes/microwave – clean as needed

For cleanliness, you need to have a hand towel.
A lot of people once they move from home do not launder their sheets often enough. By changing out your towels, sheets, and cleaning your baseboards, you are showcasing ultimate competence. A clean house/dorm is a pleasant one; it builds self-esteem and adds to well-being to be able to do things without thought yourself. Learning how to fold towels and sheets perfectly is therapeutic, not just while you’re doing it, but seeing the abundance and neatness on your shelf.

Note: This is not a chore chart, just a change out/wipe chart.

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