Holy Grail Organizing Product #1: Command Strips

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Command strips are the holy grail of all organizing fanatics, especially those that live in apartments. Their line of hooks and adhesives are extensive, but these are the best Command products on the market! I buy these at Target or Staples. Check the Command website for coupons before buying.

(1) Command Clear Medium Hook


Great for hanging up your keys after a long day by the door.
For holding pot lids on the door of your cabinet (place two at an angle toward each other, and place the pot lid in the center). Amazing! These are also aesthetically pleasing.

(2) Command Clear Round Cord Clips

Excellent for guiding cords to the socket in your office or near TV, and excellent for putting on the side of your nightstand so your phone cord doesn’t drop behind!

(3) Command Medium or Large Picture Hanging Strips

20150425_144326 (1)

Can use for lightweight picture frames or for suspending a small clear rectangle container to hold things in. Then you can strip off and clean the container when it gets dirty. I’ve used this to mount floss to the inside of the medicine cabinet door. Also great for putting things on the fridge. My dry erase grocery list has these behind it. Great for posters and DIY art. Cut the medium or large strips in half to double your strips!

(4) Command Clear Small or Medium Refill Strips

Use these as refills for your cord and hook clips when you move. Also, you can use the clear strip to float a small rectangle if you don’t need to clean the container.

Here’s a picture of my nightstand setup. I painted it and added crystal knobs so I wouldn’t have to buy a new one:

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