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Probably the three things that have changed my life have been my cordless vacuum, my clear notebook, and the Daylio app.  I have never found such a perfect app, and I’ve tried hundreds.  It is not only completely customizable, but every feature you could think to want has already been implemented.  It even backs up all your data to Google Drive, so you have it on all computers and never lose it.  It can functional as a journal as well, and you can lock the app if you’d like.

Most of the categories are self-explanatory, but for the ones that are not:

ww (woodworking)

dot (period)

E4 (moody)

notes (writing in notebook/planning)

sm (social media)

practice (15 minutes of steno practice)

water (65 fl oz of water)

flowers (new flowers)



8 thoughts on “Best App of All Time

  1. Trying the app. Excited to see what it shows… I’m sure it’s different then what I think to be true. -Stephanie

  2. Food for though it is possible that the things you do on good days are not necessarily causing the good days but as a result of you having a good day you then tend to do those thing.

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