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There are many reasons to go eco-friendly.

Here my favorites:

1. Reduces costs long-term

2. Reduces shopping trips

3. Reduces putting away items when coming back from the store

4. Makes shopping trips efficient

5. Reduces waste from boxes through disposables coming through the mail

6. Reduces having to write disposables on a list every time they run out

7. Saves the planet

Truly, getting disposables down is one of the biggest things you can do, other than streamlining food, for maximum efficiency and effortless living.

Disposables Remaining:

toilet paper 
Note: I love mega rolls!  Less cardboard waste, less time spent stacking rolls and less changing out.
paper towels 
Note: I always stick with name brand for cotton swabs.
light bulbs – Target
Note: I never buy LED because LED is less restful to the eyes.
organic pads
pink earplugs (for small ears)
tan earplugs (for normal ears)
Note: I use the pink earplugs.

Eco-friendly Items:

reusable paper towels
reusable cotton rounds (Etsy)
Note: They discolor.

glass straws
Note: Recommended to rinse straw out after drinking smoothies.
water pitcher (small, the one I use)
water pitcher (family)
Amazon mini snack bags (that don’t leak)
Blue Avocado reusable clear bags

Envirosax reusable blue shopping bags
Planet Wise makeup bags 
titanium spork

Amazon battery charger
Amazon AA eight batteries
Amazon AAA four batteries
AA to C adapters (for Luminara candles)
AA to D adapters
Note: I don’t own any D batteries.

One thought on “Easy Eco

  1. Great tips! I replaced my paper towels with microfiber cloths that I bought on amazon, and I absolutely love them. They’re durable, don’t shed, and dry fast. I use them to dust (they pick up dust very well) and to wipe down counters with my homemade cleaning spray. I hang them to dry on a hook under my sink cabinet door and on the side of my laundry basket. Once they dry, I toss them in the laundry basket and wash them when a good amount has accumulated.

    I use the reusable paper towels you recommend as napkins. I think they are a little too small and thin for cleaning purposes.

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