Love is Essence

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You are told in life that love is actions, not words.  Love is more than actions.  There are many unhappy wealthy housewives that do not feel love at all, though there are enough actions to justify their spouse’s love, and vice-versa.

Words can be manipulated, and we see politicians do this all the time.  Actions can be postured, as we see with companies that have poor practices: They will donate to a green cause or donate to the community for PR.

But love is not formulaic, and there are no excuses for not being able to feel love.  Love is an essence.

Online, when someone says, “I do not hate ____, but I need to say this,”  the words that they are about to line up cannot say more than their tone.  Their essence tells the group or person they are discussing what they need to know.  The essence is all intuitives want to see.  It is the soul of a person.

We cannot know intentions; we don’t understand most actions.  But we can feel the energy of a person, their personality and what is true to them.  For Peter, in the Bible, he resorted to violence after years of listening to a peacemaker, and he did this for a good cause.  He had every right to be angry and to defend, but good intentions are not good enough.  Actions and spirit matter far more.  We can still give people the benefit of the doubt, that they had good intent — this is all I can do — but what we need more from ourselves and those closet to us is a loving essence.

Love is not just a feeling, of course, but when the essence is right, actions line up naturally.

Love is something that you feel on the dark days, on days where you disappoint yourself.  Love takes many forms: a warm touch, a sacrifice, a personalized surprise.  It warms the heart, protects, and lights up children’s eyes. In the presence of a loving essence, truth and health make sense because there is no fear.  There is no condition.  Even in silence, true love can be felt, and it makes up for shortcomings and comforts during the setbacks that are a part of life.

Be the loving essence that makes people feel like they’ve come home.  Like water, flow to the lowest points and restore.

3 thoughts on “Love is Essence

  1. I like this, love covers a multitude of sins, so yes we need to love a little more. When I feel I have lost my patience ,I remember the bible says love is patient love is kind.

  2. Hi, I love this – you’re right – someone can say and do all the right things, but if you don’t feel the love from their person, it’s just not there. And vice versa, sometimes, you can love someone, but you may not show or tell them. We have to consistent in showing our love.
    That was my comment on your blog post 🙂

    I also love your youtube channel.

    You’ve been very helpful to me in keeping my life simple and organized, leaving me time to do things that I love – like reading, cooking, spending time with family.

    Some of my favorite things I’ve learned from you are:
    1. Keep storage floating
    2. Use water, vinegar & dish soap for everything
    3. Clean a little every day

    I really look forward to your videos every week. You really motivate me to keep going!

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