The Top Place to Declutter

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The best place to declutter is a tough call, but I always recommend to start with the small categories. These really pay off. In that way, progress builds momentum, which makes the rest a lot more effortless. There are a few areas to declutter that show the biggest results immediately: wallet, glove box, medicine cabinet, condiments, and cleaners. But the best place to start is the medicine cabinet.

The reason for this is because it is the one place you will use every day, no matter what. Lazy days and sick days, you will still come to this place. Opening the door to your most useful possessions can cause dread, confusion, or it can look like a spa and produce a relaxed feeling.

Medicine cabinet tips:

1. Prime real estate goes to the essentials. Store everything that isn’t used on a weekly basis somewhere else. In a clear box under the sink, in the closet – anywhere but crowding your daily used items. The spa look is an elegant and spacious look.

2. Go label-lite. Take off labels on anything that is not medication. This is possible because you will use it all the time. Minimalism is a highly pragmatic and elegant lifestyle. Bottles look so much better when the polished glass is gleaming back at you.

My essentials:

bamboo eco-friendly toothbrush – decomposes in the trash faster than plastic, bamboo is prolific and affordable
reusable glass jar floss – very compact for storage and travel, very beautiful
unscented bar of soap – rose water has a scent, but I prefer it if my cleaners do not
sensitive deodorant – lavender and orange

If it is the summer, you can also prepare your own deodorant with Everclear alcohol (3 oz) and about 30 drops of an essential oil like orange and grapefruit (both or only one). Shake it and spray it on to your skin. You can put this under your regular deodorant.

Other ways to smell clean:
wipe before applying deodorant
eat more green vegetables, drink more water

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