Freelance Wardrobe for Women

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Eileen Fisher clothing

Some of you may already have enough clothes to have a freelancing wardrobe, especially if you were already a professional before court reporting. The best place to shop for clothes, in my opinion, is Macy’s. Very affordable for new reporters. Calvin Klein is a great brand. If you are a reporter, my favorite place to shop is Eileen Fisher. Other people like Ann Taylor and White House Black Market. You can find Eileen Fisher at Eileen stores or in Nordstrom/Macy’s. My favorite cardigan I bought from Zappos, a Splendid cardigan – super soft, big pockets, machine washable, not too hot. I highly recommend it.

Here is the bare minimal wardrobe:
one pair of black flats (try Payless for comfortable ones)
one stretchy black skirt
one stretchy black pant
three tops (different colors)
one dress (shift dresses are best)
black suit jacket
cardigan (try Splendid brand)
winter jacket
two skin-color bras (black/white/colors can show through fabric)

Here is what will complete your wardrobe (eventually):
one more stretchy/swing skirt
one more stretchy pant
two pairs of small, nice earrings
kitten heels
another dress

Things to steer clear from:
dry clean-only clothes
stiff skirts/dresses
long necklaces (that can get caught in your keys while setting up)
chunky bracelets/rings
low-cut, tight, or too short anything (lots of bending over while setting up)
too much makeup/jewelry/perfume

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