A Happy Life

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A lot has been said about happiness, and very little of it is dependent on success, as most of us recognize.  Success defined by society is generally a great family or a great career.  While both are great, success is a personal thing.  Having supportive family, learning, and extra money adds to life, but they don’t deserve the responsibility we give them.

It has been said that life is about the journey, not the end result.  I think that’s true, mainly because there is no predictable or definitive result.  If you only concern yourself with results, they never seem to arrive.  So focusing on enjoying the journey makes a lot more sense because the journey will always be with us.  It is not something we should try to get over.  Another thing that will always be with you until you die is yourself; so investing in discovery and love is always worth it.  If you can love yourself, you can love others better, so it is a selfless thing.

Intentions matter very little compared to action.  If we can align action with intentions, then there is peace in spirit.  The spirit is something worth listening to, even more than the body and the mind.  Mostly we concern ourself with the physical, but we also put scientists and philosophers on pedestals.  The soul is easier to put down, and it is unlikely to get recognition like the mind and body.  Physical beauty transcends all personalities, all languages; enlightenment and inner beauty has a lot more difficult of a time.  There is little incentive to concern ourselves with the soul as a society if we are not dogmatic, and we lose for this.

Water intake and keeping up with to-do lists are less important.  It is all a matter of personality and priority.  I encourage you to draw a list of happiness, keep it by your bedside, and to share it.  There are things we can learn from each other.  This is a general list, but specific lists are more personal and help even more in times of crisis.


minimizing media
few possessions: more freedom, more time
“thank you”
highlighting the strengths of others
physical touch
investing in relationships: time, money, effort
wonder, discovery: art, road trips, nature
smiling for nothing at all

6 thoughts on “A Happy Life

  1. Yes Melody “the journey will always be with us” as you say and we will always have ourselves along so happiness within ourselves and relationships are equally important.
    Your happiness list is a good starting point and reminds us that most of the things that make us happy cost very little or nothing at all.

  2. Melody, thanks for this post. As an older woman looking back, my happiness list hasn’t changed even though I’ve gone through several life changes. Here are a few items from my list:
    Kisses from my Dear Husband
    Hugs from my baby, no matter how old she is!
    Walking the dog
    Singing, and I’m a HORRIBLE singer!:-)
    Making love
    Completing a chore
    Savoring a piece of dark chocolate
    Watercolor painting
    Keeping in touch with my sisters
    Wrapping Christmas presents
    Shoveling the neighbor’s driveway
    Wrapping my hands around a fresh cup of coffee
    Cheering on my favorite athletes
    Walking or jogging with a good friend
    Living within my means

  3. Melody,

    I love your you tube channel. I am encouraging my 12 year old daughter to watch it with me as I have definitely grown up as a “consumer” It is ridiculous the amount of stuff I have and have wasted money on. My mother passed in the last year and I have spent so much time going thru her things and realizing that I don’t want the same for my children when I die. I want to live the rest of my life enjoying the things I love and letting go of the things I don’t. Your channel has truly been an inspiration. I especially love the “how to” videos. Take care!

  4. Happiness lists are so uplifting! My list includes…

    Puppies and all corgis!
    Sitting by a fire
    Face paintings
    Browsing the library shelves
    A long, leisurely conversation
    Savoring a meal with husband
    Cats in the sunshine
    A beautiful view of nature
    The smell of Christmas trees
    Well crafted wooden furniture
    A vase of fresh flowers
    Coffee with plenty of cream

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