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I’ve been feeling so good lately. I wanted to share some of my favorite scenes from young to pain my favorite paradisaical views.

I remember having events downtown at the top of the glass buildings, right when the light spreads across them and they shimmer as beautifully as the ocean in the distance. You can see blue as far as the eye, where water meets sky. It didn’t matter if it was for a ball, a meeting, or talking with my mentor over a long-empty table.  It could be atop the mall, and you could get the view in the same cotton, breathing with the wind.  The orange and pink runs across the architecture, wind blowing in hair, wearing sundresses, it looks like magic every time.

My favorite feeling was coming to the beach with the family on a weekday, when everyone was tucked at work. Toes in the hot sand, and the iciest oranges and grapes in the cooler mom packed for us all. Sparkling water that feels so cool to the touch in the heat of the day.  Heat brings the sensation.

Last, the countryside is my favorite. It’s not where a lot of the tourists go. But it’s where the trees and mist are, and the tallest mountains that run into the clouds.  When it rains, waterfalls flow from the heavens.  A rainbow always follows.  The country is where a lot of Jurassic Park was filmed.

A few other good memories are looking at the glittering lights from the hilltop with family, being in the clearing surrounded by trees on Sundays alone to rest, camping once a year, and overlooking the bay where the tourists gather to view the colorful fish too hard to pronounce.

How can we not appreciate every day, every person?

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  1. that was an awesome thought and your right! my favorite saying is fromAnne of Green gables movie! Each day is new with no mistakes!
    I try to remember each day and live as God would have me, thanks for sharing!

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