How Did I Get Here?

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A lot of times in life we wonder how we got where we did, so far down a road we did not intend.

We look at our finances and clutter, and we wonder. Things did not walk into our house; we allowed them in.

We have to be skeptical of everything that passes our door frame. Why does a magazine belong here? Do I want to accept advertisement, coupons, paper clutter into my home? If you can justify letting things in, you have to justify its stay — will I let that magazine take storage once I’ve skimmed it?

Question everything. What value does a sample add to my life? Is not a sample an advertisement? Why do I want so much variety in cooking ingredients and apparatus?

We also need to be critical of our thoughts. What we think and then accept, we become. We need to be a gatekeeper of our mind; mindful every time a new thought or feeling arises. “I am feeling sad right now.” Acknowledge it.

We can change our life when we become diligent gatekeepers. All we need to do is stop the intrusion of the unwanted and question everything that has already taken up home in our mind and house.

A wise man said that people’s minds do not vacillate between right and wrong, but rather what makes sense or doesn’t. We need to scrutinize everything that makes sense to us – is it right? Is it going to take us where we need to be going?

Many people have great ideals and aspirations, but action is 80 percent of the battle. We need to kick out the things we have accepted in our mind, if it leads to harm and things that don’t matter.

Be a gatekeeper.

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