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The opposite of control, or perfectionism, is trust.  Trust involves loyalty, embracing the subjective, fluid thought, and submitting, which are difficult concepts for most, much less people that enjoy control.

There are many options available in this world, so many products and dreams.  There are many ties to identity, places to find belonging or unity.  Free speech goes best with free thought, however.  What is the point of freely speaking conspiratorially or standing for a reversal of time?  It is a sure thing that life goes in cycles, but broadly speaking, over the course of 500 years, we move forward, and what is forward is obvious.  What is forward is to consider more than less.  The reason I belong to minimalism is because it is the cause of freedom in all senses.  Any cause that does not encourage free thought, is not a cause or union to be in.

I know that excess is not for me.  Stereotypical living has never been.  When I tried stereotypical advice, it never turned out well because those articles or verses weren’t written by people like me.  If all advice can be is subjective, then maybe the best advice comes from you, or the people you’re closest to you by choice.  My friends don’t encourage judgment calls; they think for themselves, and that is the best way that they encourage me to.  So if your family is not minimalist, your only way is to become.  


Variety is not worth it if it involves longer work hours, more cleaning, and more distraction from thought, study, or relaxation.  There are many possibilities to be known for, many careers, causes, features.  Identifying with anything physical is exhausting, and well-suited for those with great energy, whether that is beauty or religion.  Appearance is especially exhausting, and all – possessions and appearance –  is a part of communication.  Everything moves.  The identification with your mind, career, kindness, or knowledge ebbs and flows, but can a person change what they were was born with?  Environment, culture, and personality shapes most of what we feel affinity toward.  You can read many books, yet the books you are drawn to will be largely based on you, so that the amount a person reads reveals little about capacity.  A lot of what you are is in-built.  

Every feature has its cost to another part.  More time on appearance or exploring is less time on thinking or relaxing.  It is a matter of possibilities and preference.

Some things cannot co-exist.   Is one necessarily better than the other?  It is a matter of perspective.  In the nature of reality, the subjective and objective affect each other, but only one loses is essence.

Crystal clear:

Knowing what is not for you becomes clear, the more that you know what is for you.  Perhaps focusing on all that is not for us would take a lifetime, in decluttering and in any other sense.  But focusing on what shines for us, is more obvious, and the rest of it fades away.

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  1. Your thoughts encouraged me in focusing on what I really want in my life. Less is more…is the truth. I want to live staying true to myself. Thank you so much, Melody. I will read your blog posts over and over again.

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