Importance of Health

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It is very important that we take care of our health, and this is because everything that we are and give is colored by our personal health.  No matter if we give care for love, inspiration for love, or authenticity for love, all of this is colored by our internal and external states.  For instance,  if authenticity becomes an excuse to be purely selfish or lazy, then it’s lost its value.  If favors are just a way to get needs met, then they lose their beauty.  If inspiration is just a way to feed our pride, then it loses its impact.

Everything heightens – favors, inspiration, authenticity – with a healthy soul and mind.  But a healthy mind, soul, and body is not an easy task.


Perhaps the two biggest reasons these may elude us is (1) we are not consistent and (2) we do not believe in ourselves, we are fighting ourselves.  No man is the antagonist of his story, but his mind may be.  But you have to fuse your conscience with what is, for true cohesion and wholeness and integrity.  There is no integrity with constant cracks.  So if a conscience drives people to wear out sooner and takes away a level head, which aids good-decision making, then it has lost its value.  Just as authenticity can lead to selfishness or stagnation, so too can a rampant conscience.  It can drive people to break, then come back to remind them of the break.  So there is no win in fighting yourself.  You have to merge what is.  And what is, is that we are human.  There is no perfection in this life.  How can you accept or love others, if you cannot love yourself?

Being consistent:

On constancy, it takes more than an exercise once a month to have a healthy body.  I knew in court reporting school that I had to do a little every day.  It was more important that I did 30 minutes of practice a day than 10 hours of practice on one day, which some students tried to do.  Habits are slow.  This is why minimalist living makes so much sense.  It encourages you to do less, more slowly.  This is important in building behavior.  In our childhood, behavior and trauma was set, and it takes years to move it back, but it’s worth it.  You’re worth it.

Examine beliefs:

Maybe you don’t believe that you have value.  All you can see is your worthlessness or your self-loathing, or overcompensatory pride and arrogance, or partners and beliefs that stand in for yourself, because you don’t feel that you alone have much value.  But you are all you have.  You come into this world alone, and you will leave alone.  You don’t own anything forever, and you cannot own people.

Mind over matter:

On the topic of mental health, you cannot practice meditation once in a blue moon, or have one day where you relax after 50.  It has to be a lifestyle in some way, of listening to your body and your mind, and adjusting.  The key to overcoming, is to not put yourself around negativity in the first place.  So much anger is caused because people put themselves around those that they cannot trust, or because they depend on someone they think they can.  So much is caused by not becoming healthy and giving back, and letting the rest come to you.  I saw the world, and it was good, and it is only we that complicate it.

Minimalism comes into play in allowing you the time to develop good habits, based on the highest priority.  I don’t know if that is your mind, body, or soul.  I don’t know what needs the most work right now.  But it carves time and space, my two favorite things.

Some things worth considering when it comes to the mind:

living in a warm place if at all possible, spending time in nature

meditating, breathing deeper at least

10 minutes of working out

drinking more water, eating less sugar and carbohydrates

being more creative (like watercolor painting)

choosing your five closest friends carefully – friends influence friends

taking time every night to do something you love, like light candles

adding in luxury and variety every now and then – a cup of rose water in the bath or steaming your face

petting an animal

participating and giving, spending less time inside yourself


3 thoughts on “Importance of Health

  1. I need to spend time inside myself to determine pros and cons going on right now, and what is a good way for me to accomplish healthy habits. These thoughts are a form of meditation I think, and result in some goals. It is fine to spend some time inside yourself, but not every minute of the day.

  2. Melody, I love all your posts and you tube videos, and this one moved me so much that I cried! Nothing I’ve ever read on line has ever resonated so much. Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us.

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