Introduction to Best Organizing Products

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If you gather many of the products listed in this series, your house will look like it was designed by a professional organizer. Everything I’ve listed, I’ve owned.

I never have to look for something longer than a minute. The key to organization besides having the right structure in place (which is what this series is about) is to get rid of anything you do NOT use and to organize like with like. Organization is pricy. Even if you get all Target containers, you will spend a couple hundred. This is why I emphasize minimalism. Don’t organize what you can discard.

Organization is key to having a very simple and stress-free life. Nothing will ever get lost, and everything looks beautiful. Space is efficiently utilized.

Always keep like with like. First aid things all go in the first aid bin. Canned goods go next to canned goods. Soups are next to soups. Make labels for bins that are not clear.

You do not have to get these all from the stores that I get them. They sell different versions at Target and Amazon. The key for these organizers mentioned is to utilize dead space, mostly vertical space. A lot of times, we just stack things horizontally, taking up too much space.

In this post, I will post pictures of the obvious organizers I have, meaning the organizers everyone else has and knows. Because these are so common, there will be no explanation for them, just pictures and titles. The brands of these are irrelevant.

MadeSmart Silverware Tray

Pencil Holder – Threshhold Antique Tumbler – Target

Bins – Garage Storage – Sterilite Clear

Acrylic Recipe Box

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

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  1. I would love a step-by-step HOW TO on how to hide and organize wires. How to attach the cord organizers to the furniture and how to use the command hooks you so highly recommend. Thanks so much.

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