Kindle w/ Light Review: It Will Probably Work For You!

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I wanted to do a quick pro/con review of the Kindle (ad-free) because I think it will work out for most people. If you want a visual review and some tips to maximize usage, make sure you check out my Kindle video from my recently started Mini Series.

The Kindle is something I really wanted to review because probably every minimalist has considered buying one at some point. I am not disappointed that it did not work for me. It would have been more economical that it had, but the pro that it has not is that I have everything in one item (my phone). So there is a silver lining either way. This is an especially essential purchase to consider if you do not have a smartphone and do not go to the library regularly.

1. glare-free, doesn’t harm eyes
2. long battery (2 weeks-1 month)
3. ability to have words you’ve looked up turn into digital flashcards (vocabulary builder)
4. can charge the battery with your smartphone cord (micro USB)
5. sharing function – ability to share parts of the book to your social media (Twitter or Facebook)

1. highlight function is not seamless – difficult to use with one hand and blacks out screen for a second after each highlight
2. every time you turn the page, page freezes for a second
3. can’t change screensaver unless you are extremely tech savvy, can’t set it to one of the rotated pictures that you like
4. easy to turn on accidentally or for Wi-Fi to switch on – draining battery
5. case is not durable and requires an additional purchase ($20)
6. only black and white text/pictures

The five most important functions that you know about in your Kindle if you are a Kindle lover, are:
1. vocabulary builder – learn words that you’ve looked up the meaning of easily
2. share function – highlight a phrase and hit ‘share’
3. Settings > Reset to Factory Settings, if you have to return or have your Kindle serviced
4. Font adjustment (size, margins, line spacing, and font all adjusted with Aa)
5. Light adjustment (hit the bulb to make your Kindle brighter or darker)

The main reason why I am returning it is because I highlight a lot. However, if you do not highlight much and travel a lot, this will be the best purchase you can make. The biggest advantage over a phone are the extra features (vocabulary builder, share function) and the fact that it does not hurt your eyes. I hope this review helps you make a solid decision!

Here is the link if you are looking to purchase the Kindle.


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