Mark Kislingbury’s Theory Shortcuts: Prefixes

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Note: This is only a summary. Please see the Magnum Steno book for a complete listing of the most common words for these concepts.

Please change the vowels for consistency with your style of writing or to coincide with what you hear when the word is being said.

adv-: STKR- (stack of D- and V-)

advance STKRANS
advantage STKRANG
advanced STKRA*NS
advocate STKROEKT
advising STKRAOIFG
adversity STKR*ERS

cons-, conc-: SK-

conceal SKAOEL
conceit SKAOET
conceivable SKAO*EFBL
concept SKEPT
consent SKENT
concert SKERT
consolidate SKOLT
constrain SKRAIN
construction SKRUKZ
consult SKULT
consumption SKUMGS

disc-, exc-: SK-

discard SKARD
disclaimer SKLAIRM
discolor SKORL
discovery SKO*EFR
discuss SKUS
disqualify SKAUFL
discredit SKRIT

excusing SKAOUFG
excuse me SKAOUFM
exclusively SKLAO*UFL
excavate SKA*FT
exclamation SKLAMGS

dis-, des-: STK- (stack of S- and D-)

destroy STKROI
disaster STKA*RS
district STKRIKT
disagree STKPWRAE
designed STKAOIND
desire STKAOIR

imp-, imb-, emp-, emb-: KPW-

employees KPWAOEZ
impact KPWAKT
employment KPW-MT
impossible KPWOBL
improve KPWRAO*UF
empire KPWAOIR
embassy KPWAES
implication KPWLIKZ
import KPWORT
implicit KPWL*IS

end-, int-, ent-, ind-: SPW-

into SPWAO
interesting SPW-G
entire SPWAOIR
end up SPWUP
interview SPW*FR
Internet SPWERNT
intelligence SPWELGS
entitled SPWAOID
endorsing SPWOFRD
introduced SPWRAOUSD
indeed SPWAOED
entertain SPW-N
intellect SPWLEKT
entrepreneur SPWREPT
integrity SPWERGT
interpretation SPWERPGS
interior SPWR-R
endeavor SPW*EFR
intersection SPWERKZ
interrogate SPWORGT
intentional SPWENLGS
entrance SPWRANS
interrupt SPWRUPT
in turn SPWURN
in touch SPWUFP

exp-: SP-

explain SPLAIN
experience SPAOERNS
experts SPERTS
expertise SPAOES
expressed SPRESD
expensive SP*EF
expose SPO*EZ (If you do “suppose” like I do [SPOEF], you don’t need the * in this.)
explore SPLOR
explanation SPLANGS

def-, dif-, dev-, div-: DW-

defense TKWENS
definition TKWENGS
default TKWAULT
divide TKWAOID
developed TKWOPD
definitely TKWENL
diversity TKW*ERS

conf-, conv-: KW-

conventional KWENLGS
convinced KW*INS
confusing KWAOUFG
convenient KWAOENT
convey KWAEU
conflict KWLIKT

inf-, inv-: STW-

infection STW-GS
inferior STWR-R
infer STWER
infallible STWABL
inflammation STWLAMGS
invade STWAID
invoke STWOEK
invigorate STWIRGT
infringement STWRINGT

comp-, ex-: KP- (Note that none of these exc- words have the ‘k’ sound, so they do not get SK-.)

exactly XAEL
examine X-
expect X-P
example XAFRPL
completely KPLAOELT
excellence XLENS
except XEPT
comparison KPAIRNS
exempt XEMT
complaint KPLAINT
exhibit XIBT
excite XAOIT

inc-, ins-: SN-

incest SN*ES
incision SNIGS
incite SNAOIT
insanity SNANT
install SNAUL
institution SNAOUGS
insult SNULT
insure SNAOUR
insurance SNAOURNS
insurance company SNAOURP
interception SN*EPGS
inception SNEPGS
insulation SNAULGS
insofar as SNOFRZ
insert SNERT

shr-: STWR-

shredded STWRETD

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