Marking Your Spot + Find Macro

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This is something I use in every transcript, in captioning and freelance.

On the broadcast side, S-DZ is defined as:

This will force whatever text you have on to the screen.
Then it will blank the screen so they won’t see the (?).

On the freelance side:
ALT U > Input.
Click Automark.
Display: (?)
Click Ok.

This will make it invisible. This will not work on the captioning side.


Macro to search for (?):

ALT U > Edit.
Click on Macros.
Click on New.

Macro name: FIND (?)
Speed keys: Ctrl+Alt+/

Ctrl+Page Up

Click on Add Command.
Hit F twice. Stop on Find.
Hit Ok.

Then write:

Look at the above picture to make sure you have it correct.
Click Ok.
User > Save Settings.

I recommend viewing how to make a basic macro and also how to make a macro from scratch. These posts will give you greater clarity on how to create macros. This FIND (?) macro is one of the more complicated ones.

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