Minimal Chore Chart

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It is a great thing to come up with a chore chart in your notebook. Here’s mine. If you can afford maid service, you can eliminate nearly all the bi-weekly and monthly chores, which is a great deal for $60. The less you own, the easier it is for your maid and you to clean.

Daily: 20 min
bed – easy
dishes – 5-10 min
sink/table – 5-10 min

Weekly: 10 min
counters – 10 min
water plants – easy

Bi-Weekly: 70 min
sinks – 10 min
vacuum – 15-20 min
laundry – 10 min *
mirrors – 15 min
wipe desk, knobs – easy
wash bedding – 10 min *
sweep – 10 min

Monthly: 40 min
tub – 20 min
mop – 10 min
dust – 10 min

Tri-Monthly: 60 min
stove – 20-30 min *
microwave – 20 min *
fridge – 20 min *

* – not included in regular maid routines, extra charge

I don’t clean my own windows or mow my own grass, but if you do, you need to put it on the list.

2 thoughts on “Minimal Chore Chart

  1. I have a question I would like your opinion on. I love my decorative pillows on my bed . My bed is my favorite placed in the house. I always make it NO MATTER WHAT I feel like my day isn’t complete unless it’s made but……those decorative pillows. It’s a love hate relationship. I currently have 11 pillows on my bed. One to sleep for me and one for my husband. A small one for between my knees-im a side sleeper. The rest are just for looks and believe me the bed looks gorgeous BUT it takes me about 7 minutes to make the bed everyday. The room i very minimalist just like yours with the night stand and suspended items, remote, cords and so on. Do I get rid of the pillows because it takes up so much of my time and no one sees the bedroom but me and hubby or do I keep the pillows because I love how they look? Please tell me what you would do?
    Sincerely, Pillowhead 🙂

    • Hi, Stephanie: I thought I’d jump in with my two cents. I think you need to evaluate what matters most to you: The joy the beauty of your plush dressed bed brings you or the simplicity of making the bed well under 7 minutes. If having all those pillows truly brings you joy when you look at them and feel them then you may have to compromise on the efficiency of having a less pillowy bed. It doesn’t really matter that no one else sees the bedroom. You yourself stated that this is your favorite spot, your sanctuary if you will, so it should be beautiful and make you feel good.

      Some suggestions: You could try putting some of pillows away in a closet and assessing how you feel about the aesthetic and efficiency of a more bare bed vs. your usually full plush bed before you decide to part with any of them. Also experiment with the number and arrangement of pillows to see how minimal you can get it before you stop finding beauty and joy in it.

      Hope this has been of some help. Cheers to a beautiful and simple bedroom.

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