Bare Minimal and Eco Cleaning

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Minimalist Cleaning Products:

I own very few cleaning products. This helps to simplify life. My apartment is cleaner than most millennials apartments you will go to, save Amish millennials. It is proof that you do not need many products to clean well.

Do not buy into specialty products or hype. Take pride in hard work because it can be as enjoyable as relaxation. I know you don’t believe me, but just ask the Amish. It’s all mindset. Convenience and luxury are things we have become dependent on. Cooking and cleaning is getting back to our roots.

If you like green cleaning, you do not need baking soda, vinegar, borax, salt, and lemon. Just baking soda and vinegar will do. Keep things as simple as possible, and don’t max out everything just because you can.

Here are the products I store under the sink:
Method all-purpose
Method toilet bowl disinfectant (completely optional, baking soda also works)
baking soda

Casabella grout brush (my favorite! – way better than a toothbrush)
generic $3 scrubbing brush (for tubs and sinks)
Casabella dish brush (used solely for drains in my house)
Oxo squeegee (tub – optional)

Products to store in laundry closet:
cordless vacuum
broom/dust pan

Products used frequently:
generic sponge (for tub maintenance, not deep cleaning)
Seventh Generation laundry detergent (unscented)
generic cut-a-size paper towels

generic Whole Foods hand soap
Grab Green Unscented Dishwasher pods (dishes)
Oxo Good Grips Dish Brush (dishes)

6 thoughts on “Bare Minimal and Eco Cleaning

  1. I want to know where you buy your microfiber cloths, thanks love your videos. Make some about your personal beauty like which toothpaste you use, eat.

    • Here’s the link to my favorite microfiber cloths: They’re some brand called Ehome that I’ve never heard of before, but I hope Amazon always sells them! I’ve tried so many, but these are the ones for me. I have a few beauty videos on the horizon 🙂

  2. Hi Melody,
    I’d like to stop using chemicals to wash my bathroom sink and floor (tiles). So, does the vinegar-water (50:50) solution work?

    • Hey Cath,

      It works great if you don’t let it build up. If you do it every week, water/vinegar will clean anything. I do use Method’s all-purpose on sinks/tub if I let it go for more than a week.

  3. Not only am I trying to downsize my cleaning products but also I am selecting more eco friendly solutions and brushes, biodegradable scrubbing brushes and pads etc. Once I’ve decluttered more I will feel cleaning is such a breeze around the house but right now it’s so hard as I only get one day free where I can do household tasks I’m that busy! It’s just me living on my own in a big house, the amount of dust this house gets covered in is absurd.

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