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You can do almost everything with a muffin tin!

The kitchen is the most difficult part to minimize even for veteran minimalists, so I wanted to give you my tips on how I got it down to basics as much as I could without giving up much in the way of enjoyment in food and drink.  Not only do you save money by not having to buy many organizing products, but it is so easy to pull out and find everything.  The great thing about these tips is that they all lead to better health, which all of us are interested in for the new year.  You can try all the tips or just the ones that sound the best for you.

  • keep proteins to three or less – mine are chicken, fish, and beef (I freeze every protein I buy in bulk from Costco)
  • keep fruit to as few as possible – I only buy apples regularly since there are so many varieties to choose from, they are cheap, and never go bad before I eat them (the only fruit I buy outside of apples generally come frozen – berries, pineapple)
  • keep spices to the bare minimum – (I have 15) make your own garlic salt on the fly, substitute wherever you can, bake as little as possible
  • bake as little as possible – this limits a great deal of bakeware, storage containers, unnecessary sugar, but also 1/3 of your spices and dry goods (I only keep two baking recipes – muffins, cookies – and make everything in my muffin tin [banana bread, brownies, pot pies])
  • drink only water – extremely healthy and cost effective and frees up serious storage space that caffeinated beverages take up (mugs, teas/coffees, strainer, brewing apparatuses, soda cans, organizers), not to mention the upkeep of coffee makers and the cleaning of stains in mugs
  • stick to one soup with lunch – my favorite is this clear onion soup
  • stick to as few recipes as possible – simple is best, especially when it comes to smoothies and dinners
  • limit condiments to 10 – five is ideal
  • only stock up on what you can use in a month

Here is the only bakeware I have left, and I rarely use two of them:
1. baking dish
2. 6-cup muffin tin
3. cookie sheet
4. roasting pan

No more jammed space underneath the stove!  Imagine such a life where everything is easy to grab out and clean around.  You can’t put a dollar on this kind of joy.

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