More Expensive, But Stunning Organizing Products

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These you get a lot of impact and are a pleasure to use. I don’t regret buying any of these, but I know that for some people it will just be too expensive. However, if you love organization, these are a worthwhile investment.

These are products I highly recommend.

(1) West Elm Acrylic Sided Shelf – $189


I didn’t want a boring bathroom shelf to put my towels and much needed bathroom products on. This is a stunning shelf that complements my bathroom perfectly. You don’t have to buy this exact one, but I’m giving you an example on how to express your individual style while having complete functionality. Cube floating shelves also work well above the toilet.

I used my 20% West Elm coupon, and I store towels, face towels, my Oxo wipes container, and velvet makeup bag. It’s one of my favorite things because the displayed fluffy towels give a spa ambiance. Floating shelves are excellent for bathroom organization. Just make sure you install them high enough so no one hits their head on it when they use the bathroom.

Another great organizing tool for in-the-bathroom storage is a ladder that goes over the toilet. Pottery Barn has beautiful ones. I like this floating shelf because the acrylic aspect and floating aspect represents my minimalist style.

What I like most about it is the versatility. I’ll always be able to find a use for this. Another great place for this shelf would be in the dining area to store plates, bowls, and tumblers.

(2) West Elm Mid-Century Marble + Wood Medium Box – $59


Definitely in the top 10 best purchases of all time. I needed something that would store pads on the back of the toilet. No one likes reaching under the sink during that time of the month, and a bag on the back of the toilet is unsightly. This is gorgeous. I just have a thing for beautiful boxes in general. The wood, marble, and brass is an excellent pairing. Keep in mind to buy during a sale. I will be writing a post on how to get the best deals at Potter Barn, West Elm, and Target soon.

(3) SimpleHuman Shampoo & Soap Dispensers – 3 pumps – Bed Bath Beyond – $69


Perfect for dish soap, hand soap, and shower organization! I use this in my shower, so now the only things that aren’t in bottles is my face wash and shaving cream! It is so much easier to clean the shower, and it makes bathing a spa experience because you don’t have to look at labels.

(4) Oxo Pops – $8-$20


Because you will need more than a couple, expect to spend $200 on the entire system. These vary in price, but try to buy them in a pack if at all possible. These are not just functional, but they’re absolutely gorgeous. People comment on how beautiful they are all the time. I like this because they make my dried goods look so good that I don’t have to crowd them away in a pantry. Very minimalist indeed.

A word of caution: Do not store cereal, chips, or crackers in these as they are NOT airtight. For those three items, I like using Oxo clips and throwing them in the pantry. When the clips aren’t in use, they have a magnet and store nicely on the fridge.

Things I store in these Oxos: rice, flours, sugars, baking powder, cornstarch, cocoa powder, nuts, chia seeds, cappaccino powder, noodles, chocolate chips.

When buying these, first take stock in all the things you use regularly and want to store on them. Then take stock of how big your family is. Maybe you go through a ton of flour or rice, then you will want the giant square 4-Quart size container. For me, the 2.4 quart is by far the most ideal size. The only thing I use frequently enough for the large 4-quart is rice.

4.0 square – brown rice

2.4 square – flour and sugar

tall 2.1 quart – egg noodles and spaghetti noodles

rectangle 1.5 quart – ideal for things you don’t use as much – wheat flour, chocolate chips, peanuts

tall 0.9 quart – perfect for things like cornstarch, walnuts, or baking poweder!

Outside of these sizes, it will be hard to use and stack the other sizes nicely! So when buying a set, make sure you have as many of those three high-use sizes (2.4, 1.5, 0.9) as possible! If you’re a large family and eat at home a lot, perhaps the 4 or 5 quart is what you’ll need a lot of.

I store whatever doesn’t fit in an Oxo in a beautiful crate at the bottom of my pantry. Really easy to find. Almost everything fits in the Oxos though, but this is just mainly for flour and Costco sugar that comes in a bigger size.

(5) White Elfa Reach-In Clothes Closet – Container Store – $500

White elfa Reach_In Clothes Closet

This is the ultimate in organization! The drawers are stunning and slide out like butter. To me, this is a way better investment than a dresser. Dressers can easily cost a grand, but my whole system cost just $500.

The ONLY time to buy this is during Elfa’s sale, which takes place every December-February. You get 30% off. Also, set this up yourself to save a lot of money.

Now, the first thing you will have to consider when buying such a system:

Bones: Do I want to mount it to the wall or do I want a freestanding version?

The freestanding version is better for people who do not own their house or those who are not as handy as others.

Color: What color do I want?
It comes in white and silver, the rods that go on the wall. I will pick white.

The frame comes in either a light tan, a dark walnut brown, or a white. Depending on your paint color in your master bedroom, you will pick the one that goes the best. I like the walnut and white primarily.

Finally, you will pick the color of the bins. They come in clear, clear gray, wire gray, wire white. For me, wire white and clear are the only two options that I like.

Components: Now you will decide which components you want in your closet. These are completely customizable.

For me, I want four very shallow drawers that slide. I will keep one for underwear, one for jewelry (they have a specific jewelry oranizer drawer), one for socks/swimwear, and one for shorts.

Then I want four not deep, but regular depth drawers. In these drawers, I will keep two for dresses, one for pants, and one for jackets.

Then I want a shelf to go over this whole system so I can put clothes that I just wore on top or easily put items away after I’ve folded it. These are all components to pick out.

Finally, I maye decide on adding a rod later to hang my jackets and dryclean dresses. Because I’m no longer a business professional, I put all my hanging items in the coat closet, along with my shoes. I don’t have a lot of purses, so I don’t need a purse shelf either. Other women will buy components to hang things, for their purses, and for their shoes. This is why I emphasize downsizing. Every component you add on will cost.

Worth Mentioning:
(6) Elfa Utility Mesh Pantry Door & Wall Rack Solution – Container Store – $100


I used this a lot when my laundry room door was adjacent to my kitchen. I only needed three shelfs, and it needed no mounting.

On it, I kept on rack one: laundry mesh bag, laundry detergent, dryer sheets.

Two: Foil, ziploc bags, cookie paper, plastic wrap.

Three: Dish pods, all-purpose spray, and paper towels.

It was excellent. If you have a laundry room with not a lot of storage, this is perfect! However, I would not put it on any door that you open and close frequently. This is because it does take up some space. For a laundry room, this is perfect. I like my other solutions for a pantry.

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