My Favorite Drugstore Products

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Most of the products I own cost more than $15, and that’s because I like to use eco-friendly products wherever I can and also because I am a minimalist, so I only keep the best of the best. However, some drugstore products are extremely high-quality, and here are the nine drugstore products I highly recommend.

(1) NYC Smooth Skin Face Powder Bronzing Sunny – $6
Amazing bronzer. The only one I own. Better than MAC and Nars.

(2) ELF makeup brushes – $1-$3
I own more than a few of these. But the one I like the most is their black-handled blush brush, which I use as a bronzing brush. I also use their foundation brush to brush on my peel once a week, so I don’t get the acid on my fingers. Amazing quality brushes for a low, low price.

(3) Ecotools makeup brushes – $10
I own a few of these that I bought in a set that I use for eye makeup with my MAC 217 brush. However, my favorite Ecotools brush is the Domed Bronzer Brush, which I find works perfect for blush.

(4) Merlot Night Cream – $18
The day cream is junk, but the night cream is the only one I’ll use.

(5) Maybelline Chai Latte Quad – $4
Excellent neutral colors with MAC payoff and staying power. I use the bottom quad often.

(6) Rimmel The Max Volume – $5
Essential to wipe it on a toilet paper square before applying so it doesn’t clump, but amazing volume and length. Can’t be beat when you’re trying to emphasize the eyes.

(7) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – $5
A conditioner and mascara in one. A cult classic. No clumping ever with it. A staple.

(8) Revelon Liquid Liner – $5
The best.

(9) Covergirl Brown Shaper & Liner – $5
The best for natural-looking brows.

Other things to look for in a drugstores are products that are staples, not color. Things like brow gel, inner corner shimmer shadow, and foundation. You can return any opened makeup that does not work well or that is not the right shade at any Walmart or Target. For color, I stick to MAC, Urban Decay, or Ilia.

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