Exciting Changes

I’m going through an evolution in my life, and I’ll be applying some exciting changes to The Simple Brief soon.  On the externality front in my life, I will be adding some highlights to my hair, traveling to Moscow, and I am considering a move to the city.

For the Simple Brief:

(1) Cleaner look.  I’m working on a redesign, with a focus on an easy-to-navigate table of contents and a crisp, clean, minimalist background.  Color will be in the logo and in photos at the top of blog posts.

(2) Regular posts.  I’m going to write a new post after I upload each video, one on Thursday evening and one on Sunday evening.  Every time there is a new video, there will be a new blog post.

(3)  One to save, one to implement.  One post each week will be on a concept that I think is valuable (hierarchy of needs, value neutrality) and the other post will be focused on external visual improvement: organization, minimalism, cleaning, and design.

(4) Minimalistic, balanced. I’m going to focus on minimalism in layout. I will present the most balanced view on each concept.

(5) In-depth.  Any personal or in-depth information, I will share on Patreon for my closest supporters.   I’m setting up a profile on Patreon, and the content I will be setting up will be in the form of short podcasts.

Other things I’m working on:

(1) Five-minute videos once a week on my steno channel on universal topics to help with motivation and clarity.

(2) A digital book covering the 10 most important aspects of a minimalist’s life.

(3) Watercolor painting so I can add more color to blog posts.

I want to follow passion, challenge myself, and see what works best.  I want to maximize the reading experience for you by being consistent, minimalistic, and informative.  Thank you for the support over the years.   I read every comment, and I continue to enjoy getting to know you over Facebook and YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Exciting Changes

  1. Please be sure to promote your Patreon when it’s setup! I would love to support you… I was recently thinking that you should do something like podcasts, how cool! 🙂

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