No More Migraines!

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I wanted to give an update on my previous migraine post.  I thought that I would have to live with migraines for the rest of my life; however, after cutting out milk, the majority of my migraines diminished.  I was down to one a week, from three.  It makes sense because Chinese people in particular consume little to no dairy and are perfectly healthy, bone-wise; it is definitely not a necessary food group, no matter what the fitness, medical, or governmental communities say.  I know this for sure.  It is like table sugar, nice to taste for most people, but not necessary for health.  I am part Asian, and many Asians have trouble digesting dairy, especially in large quantities (like milk with cereal or a milkshake).  If you are Asian, consider this!  How does a low dairy life make you feel?  More energy, clearer skin?  Give it a try for just two weeks!

Trigger Foods:

I studied the groups of foods that you should cut out one by one for two weeks, to see if any would make a difference.  Most of them could be divided into five categories.  Like with recycling, don’t get bogged down with each item, but focus on categorizing.  The six categories that are common migraine triggers: dairy, acid (citrus fruits/tomato), addictions (caffeine including chocolate/alcohol/smoking),  foods with nitrates (pork, deli meat, canned meat), fermented foods (red wine, sauerkraut), and MSG (including organic broths).   Also, bananas.  If you are struggling with migraines, these six categories HAVE to be examined.  This could change your life!

I know for sure that consuming a lot of citrus, dairy, and broth on any given day WILL give me a migraine without a doubt, through keeping a food diary.  More on how I kept one upcoming.

Certain environmental factors play a role: travel, trauma (like a dental visit), noise, thunderstorms, stress in general.  For me, the final factor was naps!


It has always been my luck that whatever I think is healthy (citrus, broth, naps) ends up being my downfall!   I always overlook what I think I know.  Question everything! When I was 16, I tried to switch every single one of my body items/makeup to organic, which was incredibly expensive for a 16-year-old, but I was determined.  At this time, I caused many scars on my face because of an organic light-as-air sunscreen.  I never suspected it until it was too late because of how it felt and because of how I saw organics at the time: a paragon of perfection.  Now I know that everybody is different.  My skin is extraordinarily sensitive, and nearly all natural/organic facial items come packed with butters and oils, which agitate and clog my skin, unlike the synthetic.

Hard Lessons:

I learned many lessons in the past ten years.  First, never to try more than one face product at once haha, but also to be content with good enough.  Perfection in this world is an illusion, but to be compassionate on others and myself instead is my goal.  Also, and most of all, to be wary of even things that seem healthy.  Listen to your body first, not professionals, not the government (food pyramid), not fitness magazines, not Youtubers, or even parents or me.  PROVE all things.  Keep a food diary.  You are unique, and your diet can reflect not just your personality through cooking, but also your individual taste and body preferences.   I love to see people come into themselves through mindfulness; it truly is the best way to live.

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