Weekend Clean Routine

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I do not do well with a big daily cleaning routine. I keep my daily cleaning routine as minimalist as possible when it comes and get it all done on the weekend in an hour or less! If you can start a load of laundry mid-week, you can get all of this done in 45 minutes.

My top tips are to put on upbeat music, put your hair up, and open the curtains. Fill your DIY cleaners with only half as much as you normally do so that they are easy to carry from room to room. The way I clean, I like to focus on type, not room. So all the floors, all the mirrors, so on. This is a great method especially if you live in a one-story house/apartment. I like to do things this way because then I have the cleaners I need to get the job done in my hands already. If you do one room at a time, I recommend getting a caddy or bucket for all of your items.

Prep space:

a. Put everything back. Put towels in the wash. (Ready space for wiping.)
b. Make a flex surface. Clean one space to put things on it that need to be processed.
c. Make note of oddball talks.

Weekend Chore Chart:

1. Laundry first. Bedding, clothes, towels.
2. Floors (for me).
3. Mirrors.
4. Knobs/Handles/Switches.
5. Tops of furniture/Counters.
6. Baseboards.
7. Drains/Sinks/Toilets
8. Wipe tub
9. Oddball Tasks

Oddball Tasks (Examples):

shred papers
clean shower curtain
change out water filter
clean fridge/microwave
wash winter clothes
dust curtains
clean earbuds

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