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At one point, I had tried every oil I’ve ever heard of. It came to about 50. I tried them for everything you can think of: removing eye makeup, shaving, moisturizing (and sometimes even cooking lol).

I figured out that all the nut oils were too heavy for clog-prone skin. Also, I stay away from all the heavy oils as I like bounce in my hair.

Since I’m a minimalist, I have pared down my oils to only the essential, but I will also cover the ones that are worth trying. If you are looking to experiment with oils, I recommend buying the small sizes first.

Two Oils, One Love:
The world of oils is divided into two: carrier and essential. Essential oils are strong and only require a few drops. They have purifying qualities and so are often used in cleaners. They are generally diluted with carrier oils or another base. Essential oils make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so they should not be used undiluted. Try to look for eco lotions and soaps without essential oils because essential oils can irritate, age, or dry out skin.

Only Three Oils Scientifically Known to Strengthen Hair:
Coconut, avocado, olive (from lightest to heaviest) – do not recommend either for shaving, as they will cause your hair to grow faster. Try any of these three as a hair mask.

Oils I Own:
(Prices listed are per oz at the time of posting.)
4.95 meadowfoam – not greasy, sinks in, very moisturizing, ultimate multipurpose oil (use it for shaving, moisturizing, and eye makeup removal)
7.40 red raspberry – anti-itch (great for soothing burns or itch), favorite moisturizer
argan – smooths out pores, best used under a moisturizer

tea tree – great as a spot treatment, especially under salicylic acid
grapefruit – great in my homemade deodorant
orange – lovely scent, use in my deodorant and for aromatherapy for energy in the afternoons
peppermint – not a fan of minty scents, but so soothing when put on the skin (tingles), great for migraines and use it mainly for my toilet drops
lavender – used it in my cleaning products, great for relaxing

Other Oils Worth Checking Out:
10.25 plum kernel – scent is divine, exotic, sinks in, not greasy, good on arms and legs, softens
4.10 apricot – all the amazing attributes of tamanu without the scent, sinks in so fast, leaves skin soft, really like the kernel oils (use it for shaving primarily)
2.17 avocado – on hair for 30 minutes, good for hands with shea, wouldn’t try on face
9.05 watermelon seed – nice and moisturizing, exfoliating too, love it for the face
4.10 sunflower – stopped using it for shaving as apricot works better and is lighter
5.25 passion fruit – pleasant scent, proceed with caution if acne-prone, a big seller in Sephora along with argan – save money and do not buy these from Sephora
12.30 marula – another great kernel oil!, pricey, makes skin soft, not greasy
4.05 calendula – great for arms, better than hemp (because no strong scent) and feels the same
rice bran – one of my favorite shaving oils
coconut – a fan favorite, but beware if you have acne-prone skin

eucalyptus – great and purifying, but not as versatile as peppermint

If I were trapped on a desert island, I could easily get away with just raspberry oil and tea tree. Oils have a lot to offer and are more versatile than a lotion. You can’t eat a lotion, cook with a lotion, and lotions don’t soothe burns and itchiness the same. I know that essential oils seem to be more popular than carrier oils, but I like carrier oils a bit more, especially since they’re a lot cheaper and don’t need to be used in moderation.

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