One Depo: Start to Finish

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pic from leighreporting

Log into portal at 6:00. See job. Click.

Print out notice, job sheet, and Google map directions.

Wake up at the time necessary. Get dressed.

Punch in address into GPS. Find parking nearby. Pay. Roll out bags.

Get in 30 minutes early (more if you live in areas with traffic).

Set up completely.

Get business cards, spellings, exhibits, write transcript – leave.

Get home. Write down mileage, date, and estimate of pages for tax records.

Scope job to audio completely.

Go back and fix spellings marked while scoping by checking Google, spellings written down at depo (which I write on job sheet), and/or exhibits.

Fill out cover pages (if didn’t have enough time to do at depo), which is your include pages that load automatically before depo starts: Cover, Apperance, Index.

Turn in to proofer.

Send out exhibits.

Receive it back. Fix errors.

Fill out billing sheet.

Turn in billing sheet and depo in to firm.

NOTE: Some firms call and give you your information over the phone, but I like that my firm does it all online. My firm requires us to send the page estimate after each job, but your firm will probably not require that.

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