If you do one thing, do this.

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This moment is all you have.

The new year is fast approaching. I wish I could have given the freedom and mobility that I experienced in college three years ago to everyone. Having so few things allowed me ultimate focus and lightness of being. It is true spiritual and eco-friendly living – fitting all political affiliations.

In college, my lightness was limited to my possessions. My mind was brimming with thoughts – never empty, never open to what could be if I let go. I soon expanded this lightness to my career (switching to work at home) and schedule (eliminating as many appointments as possible).

This year, I have been moving the lightness of being to my thoughts and the busyness of days – focusing on expectations and desires. Examining patterns. Also, food. We have complicated food so much with condiments, spices, sugar, various methods of cooking – much to the detriment of our health and our minds.

The ultimate goal this next year for cooking for me is to have five recipes from memory and to cook those five 80% of the time at least. To remove physical copies of recipe cards almost completely.

I am asking you, this new year, if you do one thing, do not let it be to downsize possessions. The mind and soul are more important than your physical possessions. If you do just one thing, stop your thoughts often, live in the moment – remind yourself constantly to be 100% there in every activity, whether just washing your hands, talking with a stranger, or petting an animal, until this method of living is a habit. It is the best thing you can do for your soul, health, and circumstance – to stop the flow of commentary regularly, through meditation and through being fully present. In 2016, eliminate pursuit and just be.

5 thoughts on “If you do one thing, do this.

  1. I really love this post and a lot of the other videos and thoughts you share. Truly inspiring! Great job. Keep going.:)

  2. Melody, I really enjoy your YT videos. I’ve probably been watching about 6-7 months. I find myself unconsciously smiling during your videos…I think because you smile in them:) I also enjoy when you talk to and about Pat. I’m 60 and married with 7 children. 3 are married and, 1 in her 4th year of college. 2 living at home (19 and 17). Both sons are in the military (one married,the other is single). I was an “organized hoarder”for almost half my life. Until we lost our home of 30 years. I’m learning so much about myself out of that painful experience. I mainly just wanted to say how incredibly wise you are. The first line and the last paragraph, wow!I’m going to write this down to remind myself anytime I feel sad,of the most important things in life.As my teacher asked in class last week,”What is the greatest gift God gave us?” “This moment.” Thank you Melody for reminding me today what will always be the most important gift in life. Blessings to you.

  3. While I find myself suffocation with all the items that end up owing me! I find tips from You reassuring. I printed the image from the top of Your post long time ago, although it got mixed among zillion other thing in the house. Time to let go 🙂

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