The Orderly Life

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It is almost 2018.  When I think of a new year, I imagine clean air, white walls, and aspirations.  The new year is time for us to align all that we have chosen as pure in the world.

There is a saying, “Don’t build your own enemy.”  In that sense, we have a chance to align ourselves with the virtues we have chosen based on what is needed – fortitude, reason, transparency, compassion.  Take a look at your internal protocol, and make sure your values have opposing ones.  For instance, if you excel at only compassion and love, there is imbalance.   In not all circumstances is kindness a virtue.

In the Star Wars’ series, there is a great emphasis on the fact that you can’t draw from the dark side to serve good ends, that it’s a lie. Every person designs their reality, and we pass down traits and behavioral patterns.  So make sure the patterns you are duplicating are objectively good.  You cannot underestimate the effect environment plays on preference.  If we are present, we are paying attention.


Order brings the means, the bulk of life, to account. A list is a mark in time, of priorities/stimuli – and this is valuable information when looking for patterns.  We get caught up on specifics, that we miss the big picture.  But pinpointing underlying principle provides efficiency and objectivity.  Your reaction to things tells you about yourself probably more than anything else.

If you can be realistic and compassionate with yourself and others, then you reap only the rewards of having protocol and organization.  Look at a project and ask if it appears done at 80%. Perfectionists often put in 120%, at the cost of efficiency and reason.

Efficiency is the new virtue in the technological age.  To get your life in order is an intelligent thing.  There is incalculable waste involved in lacking ballast – a stabilizing mechanism or protocol – and stabilization/peace starts inside.  It is true in childhood, and it is true in adulthood:  The environment indoors is the home base, from which all things can thrive.  This is also true conceptually speaking: Your internal state, if it is in order, protects and doesn’t distract.  So if your childhood did not encourage transparency and peace, then you have greater work to do in adulthood: to be more attuned and deliberate.

Life is not about us.  We get so caught up on the faces, because we get caught up on ourselves.  But the details matter a lot less than the pattern and principle belying the detail.

If you are drawn to chaos, then study the stimuli.  Recognize what draws you to destruction, what you believe, your draw to various sights and habits, and subject yourself to new stimuli with intentionality.  You create a new familiar.  If we subject ourselves to new things and change the specifics, but not the underlying pathology, nothing truly changes.  This is why patterns, not faces, matter far more.


There is no proving ourselves and no perfectionism in peace: Because life is not about us.  We are symbiotically tied to an environment, patterns of the past, and the people around us.  When we thrive, the environment for our children thrives.

We achieve because there is passion and purpose.  There is hope when you apply your talents to something greater than yourself, to strengthen the means we share.  Resentment and ambition remove accuracy, because now we are stuck on specifics.  There is no hope without principles.

Patterns are prolific, but there are no long-term gains to lack of truth.  We are in the information age:  It is our privilege that we can shed light on what matters efficiently.  We all have a part in this to work together to propagate all things that are true and beautiful.

2018 is a time for the orderly life.  Organized minimalism.


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  1. Thank you Melody for your wise words. When you wrote about finding balance, that struck a cord with me. Thank you! Happy New Year!

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