Organization is Essential: Captioning

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Organization is a lot less essential in captioning than freelance, but it’s still nice to stay on top of things.

ENVIRONMENT: When it comes to my office, I keep as few things as is necessary.
Aside from the most basic equipment, here are some things I keep in my office that you might not think of:
nail clipper
bright notepad (to write down to-do’s or briefs I want)
cord organizer
task lamp
pencil holder
laptop stand
white board (to put down important information/job briefs)
paper shredder
portable scanner

Some people can work in a messy environment, but I always do better if thing are as clean as possible.

RECEIPTS: There are very, very few receipts that you need to keep track of in captioning. Here are some of them:
AT&T phone service/installation
cable (if you only use it for reporting)
Comcast business/installation
Magnumstenoclub (dictation)
Amount of rent for office (just copy of your check)
general office supplies/equipment
NCRA/software receipts

Print out any receipts for business as soon as the purchase is made. Put these receipts in a box. No need to organize them as they will be very few.

BILLING: I will provide an example of how to bill to a company for work done in another post. On my computer desktop is one folder that contains all of the bills I’ve ever sent out. They’re labeled by month/year and company. Then I drop the receipt (that is usually sent with the check) into a payment box next to my tax box. You need to keep track of how much you’re paid for your quarterly taxes! This is imperative.

TRANSCRIPTS: In captioning, you also have to send out transcripts. While I’m writing, whenever a commercial break hits, I immediately go to the top of the file and find any untranslates (CTRL U), any conflicts (CTRL O), and any places I marked. I go to places I’ve marked first, just in case there’s something I need to add into my dictionary before the next segment. There is a macro I will share in another post to search for your marked spot with one key stroke. I write S-DZ into my transcript when I want to fix or add something. It’s defined as (?){BLANK}.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to send out all of your transcripts so you don’t get behind. Back them up at the end of the month on Google Drive or DropBox. Then get rid of them from your computer.

I will create the video of the process from start to finish on how to stay organized in captioning. It’s easier to show than to write.

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