Peace In Earth

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I really recommend seeing Coco if you haven’t.  It’s a cartoon that touches on life and death, legacy, justice, cooperation, and accepting and understanding differing points of view, life as it is.

Peace is a subject that fascinates me more than any other subject because, without peace, the pleasure of a thing expires as quickly as it presents.  The absence of peace affects every dream, observation, and even accomplishment.

I used to read into things negatively, because I didn’t trust in life in general.  I trusted only my abilities, and so I lost many moments.  But a man divided against himself can’t stand, and my own mistrust generated an us vs them mentality on many subjects.  To be at war inside, is to be in defense mode, which is to generate an us vs them.

But the more that I lived in the future, or that I locked myself in my mind, the more peace I lost. Each experience acquired provided little benefit, and I was back to wanting before my body even returned back home. The lessons were few and far between, as was the joy; it was all there, but I was not.

But when I let go of expectations and resentment, there was unparalleled clarity and focus.  All the things that eluded were inside of me.  Abundance was in every moment, in every class.  New lessons, new chances.  It takes a lot to trust yourself, but a country at war cannot focus on other pursuits.  It consumes all of the taxes, all of the news cycle, all of the thoughts and literature.  So if we cannot find peace in ourselves, all other pursuits get overrun by the negativity we project and experience.

There is no chasing in peace.  Internal protocol matters, values matter, but excess does not.  What you have to live with inside for the rest of your life matters far more than what you have to live with outside.  Stability comes from the inside, because protocol grants consistency.

If I could have one thing, I would want no thing.  No expectations, no changes.  To do my work diligently, with precision and focus, to complete my work, and to take part in sharing with others.  Being at peace equips me best to take on and experience anything that comes my way.

All the things we go after — being loved for who we are, pleasure, security, capability, harmony, and depth of experience — we focus on all the things that hold these affairs back.  But if peace envelops, then we can see that all the things we were made for, come naturally once our mind accepts the moment as it is.  We were built for the things we long for.  They are inside of us, and we search for it outside.  But the fact that we orient for something shows us who we are, and that we don’t have to search anymore.

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