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I’ve only had one cat my whole life. I thought this would be a good post for anyone considering a pet. Court reporters especially love animals. It eases the stress from a long, difficult day, to hold them close.

I always wanted my cat to be an indoor cat, because it extends their lifespan, but I had to finish college first. Upon graduating, I made arrangements to have my cat shipped from Hawaii to Tennessee. That cost about $300 with a discount, and my sister put her in a carrier and carried her on the plane with her.

Then was the initial pet fee, which is common in apartment buildings nowadays, which was $360, and an additional $15 of rent every month.

Cats live an average of 15 years, 20 at the most. They require vaccinations once a year.

Here are things I bought for her, and how I feel about them.

1. cat bowl with rubber on the bottom – $7
Comments: Not necessary on carpet. I could have bought a cheaper tin bowl, but I like the design on this rubber bottomed one. 4/5

2. water fountain – $50
Comments: It may encourage her to drink a little bit more, but it’s not worth it in my opinion. I wouldn’t repurchase it. Sometimes I just like the quiet, and this always produces a white noise. 3/5

3. foraging feeder – $5
Comments: Great if your cat overeats. Love the pop of color. Would repurchase. 5/5

4. cat toy with feathers at the end – $4
Comments: Probably the best purchase of all. 5/5

5. Martha Stewart cat bed – $40
Comments: She only uses my West Elm bench cushion or Pottery Barn blankets to sleep on. Was not worth the money at all. I don’t recommend ever buying a cat bed, and only bought one at the advice of my sister who has worked at a vet. I do love the look of these beds though. 1/5

6. nail clippers – $5
Comments: Not necessary, in my opinion. Not sure if I would repurchase. Still nice to have. 3/5

7. ivory cat tower – $100
Comments: I don’t recommending buying unless you are willing to keep it in the living room near the living room, which I’m not. I keep it in my office, so she only uses it once a week. 3/5

8. pine pellets and cheap litter box – $20
Comments: Best for cat litter. I would get the lid for the cat litter box if you plan on keeping it in a place that guests would see. 5/5

9. Martha Stewart scooper – $10
Comments: Great for cleaning the kitty litter. 5/5

10. over-the-cabinet bag holder
Comments: Perfect for storing bags near kitty litter. 5/5

11. mature cat food – $20
Comments: A must for older cats. 5/5

12. canned cat food – $2 each
Comments: Cat didn’t like it. Only try one can at first. 1/5

13. cat treats from Whole Foods – $4
Comments: Not a necessity at all. She doesn’t like it anymore or less than her cat food. 4/5

14. Catnip and cat scratcher – $5
Comments: Love the Target cat scratchers, but cat doesn’t like catnip. Don’t buy catnip separate unless you know your cat likes it. 1/5 and 5/5

Conclusion: If I started all over again, here are the only products I would buy:
basic food/water bowl – $7
pine pellets/cheap litter box – $25
over-the-cabinet bag holder – $9
mature cat food – $20
feather toy – $4
Martha Stewart scooper – $9
cat scratcher – $5
Total: under $80

Cats are simple in that they don’t need a lot of things. However, like all animals, they do require expense. You can expect to spend $500 a year at least on your animal, so long as they don’t require any major surgery.

When I first got my cat, the responsibility scared me, but you get attached and don’t mind as much. The only downsides of having a cat are that you can’t travel without making plans for your cats, have to clean the litter box, and your cat will take your chair/blanket/cushion. Some cats scratch furniture as well, but mine doesn’t, fortunately. I do set limits though and don’t sleep with my cat so I’m not stressed about kicking her in the night and so that her grooming doesn’t wake me. It’s like with kids, I feel, you still have to keep your space to some small extent, but your life is so much better when you have someone to share it with.

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