5 Boards: Use Pinterest To Organize Your Life

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Pinterest has helped me to greatly reduce the amount I keep in my notebooks.  You can also use Google Drive, but if you are visual, then Pinterest works excellently.  I’m about 50/50.  Some lists are just so much better on Pinterest.  Although I do use Pinterest for pleasure as well, I try to utilize it practically first.

There are five boards I keep separate on Instagram.  I label these boards in capital letters with an asterisk in front of them, so that they cannot be confused with random boards.  Each asterisked board has roughly 10 pins.

The way I add information to these boards is very deliberate, and that’s the only way to make these practical.  If you pin whatever pops into view, your Pinterest boards will soon become cluttered and functionality will decline.  Rather, I gather pins for these boards from around the internet on my own time, usually not from Pinterest.  It works a lot better like this, if I curate what I add carefully and if I focus on quality over quantity.

My 5 Boards:


IMPLEMENT: ideas to implement immediately – articles of green living tips or things I will buy/create

RESEARCH: practical articles to summarize in my notebook, on topics very important to me

STYLE: specifically for my home or wardrobe, an aesthetic that inspires

WISH LIST: since this list is small now, I’ve combined it with the Implement board

WORDS: if I’m drawn to a word, I look it up on Google and pin it


Other Board Ideas:

Business Ideas

Working On – whether woodworking or personality typing, specific boards, again carefully curated

Movies – favorite movies, to look for patterns or so you don’t forget one

Food – favorite places to eat or recipes to try

Beauty Ideas – YouTube videos (you can pin videos)

Funny Reddit memes

Dream board – although the Implement board serves this function, perhaps if you have big dreams or are still a teenager or in college, could be useful, especially to look for patterns in what you are drawn to




2 thoughts on “5 Boards: Use Pinterest To Organize Your Life

  1. I use Pinterest a lot. I have boards for goals, articles, inspiration, home style, and a wish list etc. I should be a bit more mindful what to add though as it quickly gets out of hand.

    I find adding things to my wish list can sometimes take care of the desire to buy them. When checking my list, I might realise I don’t really want something anymore. Or I may have already purchased it because I really did need it.

    Thank you for your wonderful videos! They are really helpful. I’ve watched them all, and even rewatched some. Glad to find more content here on the blog. 🙂

    • Thank you, S! I feel the same way. Often when I see it there on my wish list, I realize I just decluttered something like it, or that it wouldn’t make a difference in my life either way. We treat items and applications as we are, which is a nice reminder. We treat these things with care 🙂

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