The Pleasure of Worn Things

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There is pleasure in everything, especially the simple and mundane things that we do every day. Feeling warm water on our hands is pleasurable, freshly laundered bedding, fresh-out-of-the-dryer clothes, a shower, cool sheets, room temperature water, a single daisy, and seeing the sun and green outside each morning. We just have to take time to notice such great gifts. If aren’t mindful, we are missing out on the most affordable and simplest pleasures around; we’re essentially robbing ourselves.

One of the biggest pleasures is wearing something out. Not only do things get more comfortable as they age, for the most part, but you build a history with something and truly feel as if money was well spent. What greater pleasure is there than realizing everything you own gets maximum use? It becomes more personal and easier and more pleasurable to use.

In this day of obsolescence, where ads, friends, magazines, celebrities, and our own fears or tendencies (thirst for adventure, beauty, respect) constantly encourages us to get the latest and greatest phone, shoes, and makeup, it is nice to choose to wear one shoe until it is worn out. It’s a mini resistance we get to have every day by just noticing the small pleasures, not even a resistance to society, but sometimes just to our own inner unnecessary thoughts.

It is nice own just one winter coat. To have a uniform of pants. Life is series of choices. We can choose to live simply and joyfully, or we can choose pursuit. We make our own normal. What is unique is generally what is rare, and it is rare for humans to resist our individual destructive desires. We often give in to our whims, but once we don’t, we can start living. Life flows so easily.

The best part about classic products is that most of the time they are not expensive. No coupon necessary. When we stick to the makeup and skincare products that we know work, we don’t need to worry about or waste a thing.

Here are the things I generally use until they’re falling apart:
winter coat

Find pleasure in setback. Every part of life has a silver lining. Seeing something wear out can be truly satisfying. It can be one of the simplest joys in life.

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