Minimalist Makeup Tip

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One of my favorite practical hacks is to use a lip liner as a lipstick.  Here are the pros and cons.


1. Last considerably longer than a lipstick. After it’s worn off, lips are still rosy.

2. Easier to store. The thin width makes a pencil very easy to store.

3. Shelf life is longer than a lipstick. Long after my lipsticks are dry, my liners are still going strong.

4. Multi-purpose. You can use it for many more things than just a liner: lipstick, eye, and cheeks.

5. Gives a nice matte look that is perfect for work. You always have confidence while wearing a liner as it does not accidentally get on your teeth or anything else. It stays put.


1. More difficult to take and apply on the go.


Hope you will give it a try!

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