Life is an Incredible Gift

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It is hard to imagine a gift more beautiful and fragile than life. From the moment that a baby is coming into full realization of its limbs, to the surrounding sounds and toys, to the glee from seeing familiar faces, it is hard to find a soul that is not delighted by the delicate nature of growth and protective of innocence.  It is the soul that forges such a lasting connection.  Humility and friendship.  From unfurling flowers to awkward babies to rotund animals, to rain forests and ribbon streams – life surrounds at all times.  Lessons and a broader view, a loving perspective are forever present.  The idea is relentless: It bursts and tears into awareness that there is something greater than ourselves. This is the greatest relief of all. Something more yet to love, something more yet to be still for.

There is always something to reconcile our nature and our past and present for, to have gratitude for.

From birth to death, we are born with two natures, that can be reconciled for all needs – spiritual and financial to be met.  It is all present within, not without.  If we have not met where our soul needs, it is only our beliefs or, lack of belief, that prevents us from picking up the pen and ink, forging a new way, and asking for the story in our heart to be known.

It depends on how we see.  The enterprising, harsh and cold parts, and the nurturing and beautiful parts, if we can love them and see the exquisite nature of each.  It is not something just to see, but to feel course through and overcome you.  The exhilaration of achieving and the comfort in solitude, to the thrill of putting aside our insecurities to work in unison with others and learn new skills and joys, to giving back the best part of ourselves – what our soul is in.  So, the beauty is present always: in destroying old parts that have worn away, and in following the new within leading, building upon the old and leading to the only safety there is – the soul.  It is the only thing that can’t be taken away.  Even when a building has fallen away to weather and time, the soul of the place is still there.

If ever we are consumed by negative feeling, we haven’t flown high enough for the vantage point.  We haven’t stayed the storm within with the pen and ink.  We haven’t sat with the hopelessness inside ourselves, to get to the necessary humility that is the closest window to the soul.  The soul is bright enough, broad enough to encompass and reconcile all of life, to learn from all parts of ourselves. We are who we are, when we connect with what is: the purpose of the story, the peace in letting it unfold richly.  In a delighted sense, there is never a time limit on living our purpose all our lives, in caring about each other and less about the physical all our lives – and we were given the gift of noticing the beauty in the struggle that is life, both in the emptiness and receiving, to the final victory of reaching out to all that is life and living within the soul of our place.

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