On Dreams

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Dreams are influenced by environment and personality, and in the environment: media, close people, institutions.  I know that magazines tell us how to dream and what to dream for, but could we give up on the dreams we’ve had with us all our life?  I saw possessions and places to get by, and beneath movement and what is tangible, I knew what home meant to me.  Dreams are more real than any physical thing.  How could we let others define who we should have been, or who others around us should be.  If we could listen, then we could find who they always were, then there is true energy to find what already is.  Because excellence comes from being true.

Indecision causes lethargy.  To know who you are and cause-and-effect brings a clear self, to be able to guard against what is not wanted.  Lack of focus comes from lack of conclusion, or else lack of identity.  There are many things ready to provide identity.  Causes can envelop anxieties or grudges, articles help to disguise blame, and institutions hide frailty.  But past all of the memes, TV shows, and other cultural influences, articles that add to confusion, books that unravel hope or categorize, there is only you.  You are a whole entity. 

You are fluid.  It is natural that we move, but to move in a way that is true.  We don’t justify what we are anymore when we protect the best parts of our nature.

In my youth, I could not tell what protected who I was versus what I gravitated to because of outside influence.  Over time, I have come to accept the things that make me, me, daily routines, the simplicity and private parts of me.  There is no guilt anymore, because guilt doesn’t lead to the compassionate part of my nature.  Neither does perfectionism: The more perfect you try to be, the more impatient you become.  There is more perfection in presence, and imperfection.

Power and control:

To move by force is the cruelest thing to do to another human, and force is a broad word.  Humans aren’t meant to be moved — that happens naturally — but to be loved.  A person looking for inspiration, inspires.  A person seeking power, empowers, and then is truly powerful.  A lover loves, not guilt trips into emotion or action (taking), or else finds what they can love and respect, based on what they value in themselves.   

“Be the change that you want in the world.  We make a living by what we give, not what we do.”  Being is a difficult word, because to be is to move.  But being is to let go of what you see yourself as, all the things we tie our identity to.  Blame is too costly, and there’s too much projection in it.  We can view ourselves as the minimal one, or the distressed one, or the enlightened one, or the underdog one.   It is not as if, most of the time, we choose these narratives, but that we fall into them and decide to play them out.  But we are all of those things — and none of them, if we see in whole.  They do not affect our future.  We are all underdogs in our own manner; it depends on which playing field you are judging from.  To see things only in part, is to miss what is beautiful: the whole.  Brutality is a part of life, but so is hope.


Becoming and being is more than seeking, because we are more unique when we stop trying to be.  The forcing makes us less of everything that we were born for.  If people seek power, then they empower, and that is pure.  Taking to protect pride — whether taking of surety or resources, brings both sides down.   There is a lot of instability in taking and expectation, but not in presence and honesty.  Giving can feel like overexposure, taking like dependence.  In a crisis, it is good to slow down and examine: choose a solution tried, or become the solution.  You are enough to be the solution, if you let go of what you thought you should have been: the narrative you chose and the feedback you’ve received.  Because what you are is best suited for what you need.  

To be light means you get to take it with you in the dark.  The way to be light, is to give it away. 

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  1. This is so profound: “To move by force is the cruelest thing to do to another human, and force is a broad word. Humans aren’t meant to be moved — that happens naturally — but to be loved.“

    Thank you. Your blog is as fantastic as your YouTube!

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