Every Punctuation You’ll Ever Need

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When I was on DigitalCAT, defining things were a lot simpler. Eclipse takes a little to get used to. This page will save you a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to get quotes and numbers and the like to format correctly. Even if you’re not on Eclipse, this page is extremely helpful because it tells you EVERY punctuation you ever need so you can make sure they’re all in your dictionary.

comma W-B {,?} ALWAYS define with the question mark.
period P-P {>.} {>.}{N} for CAPTIONING
period (rare) P*PZ {.^}{#G} ex: .44 caliber
question mark STPH {>?} {>?}{N} for CAPTIONING
colon KL-N {:} ex: My statement was: I want control.
verses KL*N {^}{:}{^} ex: Proverbs 28:2
bracket open BR-KT {N}{[} ex: [sirens]
bracket close BR*KT {^}{]}{N} ex: [sirens]
hyphen (digits) H-FN {#G}{-}{#G} ex: 1-2 (for sports mainly)
hyphen (written) H*FN {-} ex: two-story
hyphen H-NZ {#G}{^-} ex: 200- to 400,000
hyphen (rare) H*NZ {#G}{-^} ex: 2006 or -7
quote open, cap KW*T { “}{|} ex: “He
quote open (no cap) KW-T { “} ex: the word “men” is
close quote KW-RT and KW-T/KW-T {^”} ex: the term “men”
comma, open quote W*N {,}{ “}{|} ex: I said, “No
period, close quote P*P {.}{” } ex: I said, “I want to go.”
question, close quote STPH* {?”} ex: “Why?”
comma, close quote W*B {,”} ex: “Don’t go,” he said.
dash DAIRB {–} ex: I want — I need
slash SL-RB {/} ex: 50/50 and owner/operator
D.C. D*K D.C. DEFINE D.C./P-P as D.C.
ellipsis P*PD {^…}{N} DEFINE P*PD/P-P as {^…}{N}
& SMAND {^&^} M&A
& SMA*ND {&} Fox & Friends
@ for email SMA*T {^@^} ex: melody@gmail.com
@ for Twitter SMAT {@^} @Melody
# for Twitter HA*RBT {#^} #steno
music symbol MAO*UK for writing lyrics
three music symbols MAO*UFK ¶¶¶ music is playing
Q. -FRPBLGTS {Q} ONLY used in freelance/court
A. STKPWHR- {A} ONLY used in freelance/court
>> SKWR-RBGS {>>} ONLY used in captioning
% P*ERS {#G}{^%} ONLY used in captioning
. P-NT {DECIMAL} 3.92

new paragraph PRA*F {N}
delete space DL-T {^} healthcare.gov
force space SP-S {^ ^} two DUIs vs 2DUIs
FORCE time TAO*IM {#T} 11:00
FORCE date DA*IT {#D} 11/6/2006 or ’02
FORCE digits D*IJ {#G} iPhone 6 or “Expendables 2”
FORCE LITTLE CASE in captions:

SMAOI {l1}{i^}{l0}{|} iPhone 6
SMAOE {l1}{e-^}{l0} e-tran

WUN/TWO* {one-two} one-two punch
{#W} force written out macro one-two punch

P-RBGS {&p} p (small case)
P-RBGSZ {^p} ex: Qataris (write Qatar/IRBGSZ/S-RBGSZ)
P*FPLT {&P.} P. (for George W. Bush)
P* {&P} P (upper case)

EM {em^} empire
YUM {^ium} calcium

apostrophe dates P-S {‘^} Use date macro instead.
plus symbol PL*USZ {#G}{^+} Software 6+
paren open PR-N {N}{(^}{|} (Phone rings.)
paren close PR*N {>.}{^)}{N}
semicolon SKL-N {;}
exclamation *EFPLTD {!} ONLY used in captioning.

Here is punctuation I have never written: >, <, ^, *, ~, +, _, \.

Check out post on top parens used in FREELANCE and CAPTIONING.
Also, more complicated macros like cap last, quote last, force height, and define last stroke to come!

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