Reasons to be a Minimalist

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1. More Time
To spend on people or things that matter. No more returns, endless cleaning/organizing, constant donating and selling of things. Minimal decision fatigue.

2. More Money
To help those that struggle. To cut back on the amount of work you have to do. People who are strapped financially will provide less for their kids and often have less time to improve themselves. When you learn more through being able to afford and move with opportunity, you have more of a person to give to your kids, employer, and spouse.

3. Eco-friendly
To be responsible and leave a small footprint. Minimalism is the most eco-friendly thing.

4. Affordable
Anybody can be minimalist. Minimalism can benefit everyone.

5. Less Maintenance and Worry
When you don’t have a lot of things, less things break. Less things need to be moved from a surface before you clean. Less to worry about when you leave your house for extended periods. Peace of mind is invaluable.

6. Good Example
For your kids. A lesson that people matter more than things. Many inspirational, especially religious, people are/were minimalists.

7. You get your money’s worth. You slow down and make intentional purchases, so you spend money on things you get good use out of, which is fulfilling.

8. Mobility. Easy to move. Can go wherever you need to go in life.

9. A pleasant environment to live in for your family. One that is always relatively clean and clear. No tripping and no piles of paper. Just space to be the best they can be.

One thought on “Reasons to be a Minimalist

  1. I have a question – I want to be a Minimalistic, however, i have soo many things at my place. What do i do about all the things that i spent money on… how do i know what i would need in the future and what should i throw away!!!

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