Spearheading Living Well

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Autumn is in the air, and there’s something about cool weather that helps me to reassess my priorities. Socks go on, and the windows are clear to let in daylight in anticipation.  In the warm months, energy is abundant.  As years come to a close, there are more festivities, and sunlight is more precious, so there is less of a buffer for meandering. What makes sense is trimming down the excess of things and spearheading the goals you would like to wrap up the year.


It is a pleasant and good idea to reflect upon the year, at how far you’ve come and also what has worked, the pleasant memories.  In reflection, this year I was able to accomplish many of the activities I set forth for fun, and most of my aviation goals (more on that in another post).  I was also able to give back to family and causes I feel a gel in, which is good for the soul.  Pat yourself on the back for another year well done.


Some of the things I’ve done this month to streamline my life were:
(1) minimize the apps on my phone home screen
(2) delete the social media apps I don’t enjoy so I have more time on the apps I do like
(3) get on top of my chore list

My priority list is very small:
make time for socialization, moisturizing and exercising more

When I exercise more, I feel better, dress better, and eat better as a natural extension.  My water intake goes up, the amount of sun I get too in tandem, so sleep becomes sweet.


The most physicaly fit friend I know recommended doing crunches first thing when you wake up, without even leaving your bed.  I’m going to start at 25 crunches every morning.  You cannot overwork your core, he had explained, and I agree with that.  When I used to do pilates, we were taught every movement stemmed from your core: your focus, your efficiency, the smoothness of your joints.  You may not work one or other parts of your body, but your core is essential because the effort to move any other part of your body is greatly minimized when your core is at its peak.

In that sense, your priority list is your core.  You can neglect many things, but if you always remember to improve a little day by day and to care for the people that care for you back, you will always be rich in the ways that matter.

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